Join our subreddit r/Dygmalab

Join our subreddit r/Dygmalab

Join our official subreddit r/DygmaLab

There, you can talk about your Layouts, post photos of your Raise, ask questions and get in direct contact with the Dygma Team.

We’ve had many people ask us if there are any forums where people can share their layouts. Given that Reddit is the second most popular channel of our customers, we decided that having a subreddit will be a great way to grow our community.

AMA Session with Deilor and the Dygma Team

In line with this, we have scheduled to have an AMA session with Deilor and the rest of the team on our subreddit.

WhenMarch 27, 2020, Friday

What time: 4pm-6pm CET

Spread the word! See you guys there!

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