Year-end manufacturing and technical updates

Year-end manufacturing and technical updates

As we enter the new year, we want to make sure you get the latest update on your Dygma Raise keyboard ????

In the next few days, our factories will be preparing some of the toolings for the first tooling testing, which will happen in the first two weeks of January.

What is the tooling and why is it so important? Read all about it on our blog.

We have also been regularly receiving photos of the component samples from the factories.

Palm Pads

New photos of the palm pads! We’ve only received photos of the black ones for now. But we are happy with how their shape turned out.


Black palm pad on the silver Raise

There are a few issues that need correction, like the jagged cut of the edges. But it’s normal to have these modifications during the preliminary tests. We still have plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments.

Black palm pads

Mylar bottom

We now have images of the die cut tooling of the Mylar bottom plate.

Tooling of the bottom panel

Rubber feet

We also have images of the die cut tooling for the rubber feet.

Tooling of the rubber feet


Another component that we’re happy to receive photos of is the translucent part of the Huble.

Translucent part of the Huble

Our guys in the factory placed the PCB inside it and they all fit perfectly. The next component that we can expect to see for the Huble is the aluminum cover.

Besides the developments from manufacturing, we also have some developments from the electronics side. They both go hand-in-hand, especially as we work toward having a high-functioning assembly line.

Keyboard LEDs

The LEDs have been sorted and we will receive the correct LEDs in the first week of January.

If you didn’t watch Matt’s Quality Control check on the LEDs, you can watch it here 👇

Test jigs

Test jigs are needed in multiple places in the assembly line. There are test jigs that need large machinery and those that don’t. Either way, these test jigs need to be easy to use for the people in the PCB factory and assembly factory. We also need to make them in a way that we can monitor the test statuses periodically.

Matt is working on automating most, if not all the programs for the test jigs. And early next year, he and Manel will be going to Shenzhen to oversee the operations of the manufacturing and electronics. While there, they will finalize the test jigs and make sure everything is working properly.

It will be a busy few months but we are all excited for more updates ????

And that’s a wrap for this update! And this year!

Thank you, everyone, for being with us in this spectacular year! There had been many ups and downs but we’re super happy to be given the opportunity to turn this Kickstarter project into a reality!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! ❤️

Get ready for 2019! It will be an even more amazing year. And we all know why! ????

Happy New Year to all!

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