Unboxing The Defy

Unboxing The Defy

Finally! It only took you a year and a half.

Dygma Defy Arriving

The Defy Unboxing has finally arrived: 

So we've been getting many people asking us to do a Dygma Defy unboxing.

So here we are, and here it is!

Please be gentle when opening the box; you don't want to damage the contents inside.

I said, be gentle!

Caution while opening the Defy

Inside the box

Once you open it, you'll find two packages. One is for the enhancement kit, and the other is for the travel case, which has the Dygma Defy.

If you ordered other extras, like palm pads or another keycap set, you'll receive them in separate bubble wraps.

Defy arrival box

The enhancement kit is a little extra something we give to our Dygmates. It's full of goodies like 8 test switches, a keycap-switch remover, the crap remover, a microfiber cloth, and o-rings - a set of thick and thin ones.

Dygma enhancement kit

The Defy

Now, let's move on to the main show.

The Dygma Defy

Inside this compact case, you'll discover the Dygma Defy,

The Neuron.

If you buy a wireless Defy, you'll receive this is the Neuron.

But if you buy a wired one, you'll receive this one.

Different types of Neurons

You'll also find an envelope here with some stickers, instructions, and a QR code that leads you to a special welcome page on our website.

Two magnetic palm pads.

Magnetic palm pads

And up here are the cables

1x 1.5m USB-C to USB-C Cable - to connect the Neuron to the computer

2x 30cm USB-C to USB-C Cable - to connect both halves to the Neuron

We also included a 50cm USB-C to USB-C Cable, which is extremely useful in case you want to put the halves farther apart.

And USB-C to USB-A Adaptor.

Defy cables in travel case

As you might have noticed, the Defy we have here has white keycaps and palm pads with a black base and black Neuron.

You can customize your order in our shop and even select different colors for the top panel, like Atlantis Blue, Egyptian Gold, Daredevil Red, and Royal Purple.

For those who ordered a wireless Defy, you'll see a switch at the back of each side. On the left, you'll see a slot where you can slide in the Neuron if you want to use it in BT mode.

Defy in bluetooth mode

As you can see, we have integrated tenting into this keyboard, which is an extra feature that we recommend you get if you want to elevate your ergonomic typing experience.

Tenting on the Defy

If you've just received your Dygma Defy keyboard, and it's your first time using this layout, watch our step-by-step guide on transitioning from a staggered to an ortholinear keyboard.

The Dygma Defy tented

And if you haven't ordered a Dygma Defy yet, what are you waiting for?


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