The perfect joint for our split keyboard

The perfect joint for our split keyboard

The joint of the keyboard has been something that we’ve been working on since the beginning of the project.

If you remember, we did an update called the “Evolution of the Joint” and did multiple experiments that you can read all about here.

Now we have a clear working sample of the joint. It is as resistant as we want it.

Our current challenge is how to translate this into mass production. So we have created a very accurate joint sample that the factory will use as a reference for production.

We have added enough magnets and adjusted the tolerances of the metal pins to have the feeling we want for the joint. With stronger magnets, it is much easier to attach. You can even hear a "clack" sound when it attaches. You can hold it with one hand and it feels like it's one solid piece. But it's also very easy to detach.

After all those experiments, we have finally reached the solution that we've been looking for! We have the perfect joint!



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