The BEST Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard MADE BETTER!

The BEST Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard MADE BETTER!

We're done. Thanks for all the support; it's time to say goodbye to the Dygma Raise.

You heard right ... All good things must come to an end, and the Dygma Raise is no exception.

But as one door closes, another opens. This is the beginning of something bigger. Something better. A new era.

The era of the Dygma Raise 2

The Dygma Raise 2In 2018, we built the ultimate ergonomic gaming keyboard and named it the Dygma Raise. With its split design, we aimed to improve the posture of every single gamer worldwide.

You could now place your wrists comfortably aligned with your forearms, resting on the palm pads: no wrist extension or ulnar deviation.

Performance could be massively boosted by remapping any key –including those on our unique 8-key thumb cluster and creating multiple, easily accessible layers to suit every gamer's need.8 key thumb cluster the raise 2Customizable per-key RGB and under-glow, as well as a double-coated aluminum finish, ticked all the right boxes for that aesthetically pleasing gamer's setup.

With all these features, understandably, the Raise began to attract the attention of people outside the gaming community. Typists, coders, programmers, editors, and even politicians were highly interested in the Dygma Raise.

We were getting requests to cater to our new and growing community at quite a rate! And we listened!

dygmates feedbacks

We built the best keyboard we possibly could at the time, but with user feedback, new technology, and a dash of innovation, we endeavored to take our keyboards to the next level.

Starting with our removable palm pads, some users felt they were a little too much on the firm side of comfort, while others reported losing their stickiness after prolonged use. And when you rely on stickiness, you really do need it to stick!

palm padsThen there were the cables. Could they be a string tying us to the past or a rope leading us to the future? Either way, cables should be optional, and we understand that the future is leading toward a wireless setup.

Then there's the power of tenting, which reduces hand pronation, letting you type in a far more natural position and reducing overall wrist strain when working long hours.

tenting kit the raise 2The Dygma Raise is tenting-kit compatible, but it's an optional add-on that must be purchased separately.

A minor downside to this add-on tenting kit is that, when folded, it increases the height of the Raise ever so slightly. This also meant that the Dygma Raise fit slightly too snugly into its travel case.

the size issue of the raise with the tenting kitFinally, we had literally the smallest issue of them all... but at Dygma, size doesn't matter.

That smaller issue was the per-key RGB and under-glow of the Dygma Raise. To create our incredible, glowing color display, we used RGB LEDs planted in the PCB of the Raise, and they worked exceptionally well for creating every color of the rainbow. Unless you wanted that glow to be white...

All colors must be emitted simultaneously to create white on an RGB LED. However, the only problem was that it wasn't truly white. hazey pink the raiseIn theory, you can create true white light by mixing RGB lights, but due to the diffusion of colors, you end up making what's known as a factitious white light. It ends up looking a little pink or a little hazy. And we don't like that.

We took on all of these challenges while developing our second keyboard, the Dygma Defy, with the goal of overcoming each and every one. And overcoming each one, we did! So.. introducing the new Dygma Raise 2

The palm pads have been vastly improved to create a better feel and texture, landing precisely on the right spot of softness while adding increased support for the hand.

To solve the stickiness issues, we used magnets instead. A form of stickiness that will outlive both the keyboard as well as yourself!

new palm pads raise 2We've also added wireless connectivity, allowing you to place each half of the keyboard in virtually any position while helping declutter your desk.

On more of an ergonomic level, we have integrated the tenting kit into the keyboard's base. It now folds entirely into the body, allowing the Raise to lay flat on the desk when you don't want to use it tented, and we have also included built-in reverse tilting.

This is a convenient feature that can help users suffering from wrist pain due to extended periods of wrist extension while typing.

integrated tentingAnd finally, back to the aesthetics, we had that 'small problem' with the RGB LEDs. With more and more users wanting pure white light, the Raise 2 now uses RGBW LEDs, which have an extra diode just to emit white light.

We also redesigned the under-glow to make it even brighter. Now, you can recreate Star Wars scenes with your keyboard!

As most of you know, Dygma is full of surprises, and that's why we included these little pogo pins on the side of the Raise 2, so it's ready for future ideas. The added screw holes in the keyboard's base allow further customization options, including the ability to attach your keyboard to a base, armchair, or tray.

pogopins the raise 2We're so excited to launch the Raise 2 and see what kind of personalizations you, our Dygmates, can come up with! On that very note, we want you to know that you play a massive role in our company.

Without your excellent suggestions, feedback, or general support, we wouldn't know half the improvements necessary to take our keyboards to the next level.

As always, please continue sending us your ideas, whether in the comments below, by email, or by carrier pigeon; we promise to listen and continue to deliver.

Thank you! 

- The Dygma Team

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