Keyboard shipping has started! News about the tenting kit, Bazecor

Keyboard shipping has started! News about the tenting kit, Bazecor

Hey there Dygmates and happy Friday!

In this update, we’ll be talking about four topics:

  • Shipment Updates
  • Tenting Updates
  • Bazecor 0.2.2
  • Personalized Layout Service
  • Q&A with Dygma Raise users

We’ve started shipment!

It’s been quite an exciting week. Why? Well, because we started shipments this week! 🎉

We also uploaded a quick video update the other day on our Youtube channel just in case you haven’t checked it yet.

Bit by bit, customers are receiving their Dygma Raise keyboards and sharing them online.

We even received this photo from someone who works in the baggage control area in an airport. You could say that we’re the only company in the world that extends its quality control even at the airport 😉

We know that many of you are patiently waiting for your keyboards and are probably wondering when yours will exactly arrive. We had previously announced that the keyboards will be shipped by variation in batches. But the dates we mentioned were estimations and what we had expected, but they were not necessarily the final dates. 

Below is our current estimation of deliveries. However, please bear in mind that these dates are subject to change due to the shipment schedules determined by our warehouse in China. 

To know for sure when your keyboard is arriving, it’s best to just wait until you get an email notification from us and DHL saying that your Raise is on its way.

Here’s the updated estimation of deliveries:

  • Batch 2: Remaining black keyboards with US keycaps - last week of August/first week of September
  • Batch 3: Silver keyboards with US keycaps - early September
  • Batch 4: Black and silver keyboards with the ISO layout (UK, Spanish, German, French, Nordic, and Japanese keycaps) - mid to late September

The reason there is another delay in shipment is because we are waiting for the new palm pads to arrive. If you remember, we had some quality issues with the palm pads that we talked about in Episode 3 of the Dygma News

Apart from redoing the white palm pads, we found out that there were a few black palm pads as well that needed to be redone. So this is what’s blocking us from shipping on time.

Rest assured that we are doing our best to deliver your keyboards as soon as possible while still ensuring that all these products meet our quality standards.

Tenting Updates

It’s been a while since we last talked about the tenting component. 

The reason we haven’t talked about it in our other updates is because there have been a lot of developments in the tenting design and we wanted to wait until we had enough information to share with you all.

Quick recap

We talked about the removable leg design as our solution for the tenting kit. We were already talking with our suppliers, asking them to send us prototypes for us to validate our design and to do the necessary adjustments.

However, we realized that this solution wasn’t good enough. The removable leg design was limited to only 2 angles. Having more angles would require different sizes of legs, which would increase the price.

We want our tenting kit to have a wider range of angles and we knew that most users would want more adjustability. Furthermore, it was expensive to manufacture especially since we were only going to make a few hundred units for the first batch.

So we decided to explore another design - the lego design. The idea of this design came from, you guessed it, lego blocks. With this design, the user can stack multiple blocks to create their desired tenting angle. 

We loved this design because it was easy to adjust and allowed up to 50º of tenting. 

Our plan was to finalize this solution, present it to the community for them to vote on their preferred design. We were already about to share this information with all of you. But we were also speaking with a consultant specialized in this kind of plastic pieces and he informed us that this was technically very difficult to produce. 

We couldn’t validate the design with 3D printing because the tolerances in the 3D printing were too high. The only way we could test it was to have a mold made, which would cost a hefty amount. And still, after making the mold, it would likely require heavy tweaking to find the perfect fit for the pieces.

It was a risky option that we couldn’t test properly so we decided to not develop it further.

Current design

We are now working on our latest design which involves a metal sliding mechanism and rails. 

With this new design that we are calling the rails design, the range of angles that we can have varies from 0° to 50° too, but it’s more comfortable to adjust than the lego design. You will be able to adjust the angle by sliding the top metal piece and screw it to the bottom piece. 

In the 3D drawing above, there are no visible screws nor have the aesthetics been finalized, but we wanted to share this drawing with you so you could understand the concept. 

This solution will have reverse tilting which we are still working on. 

We already spoke to our consultants and manufacturers about it and they said that it will be easy to build. So that’s good news.

Once we have a working prototype, we will test it and share our updates with everyone. We hope we can show it this month.

Finding the best solution for the tenting kit has been an arduous task, especially since we are simultaneously working on the shipment of this year’s pre-orders.

What we truly want to achieve with our tenting kit is that it meets our criteria in:

  • Stability - It needs to be sturdy even in its maximum angle.
  • Functionality - It needs to have a wide range of tenting angles, and at least one position for reverse tilting.
  • Aesthetics - It needs to look coherent with the Raise.

If you are interested in the tenting component, you can write down your details in the Raise Tenting Waitlist and we will inform you when the tenting kit is available for order.

Bazecor Version 0.2.2

A new version of Bazecor has been released with an updated keyboard firmware, new features, and plenty of bug fixes.

If you haven’t downloaded the latest version yet, you can download them here:

Windows 10 Version 0.2.2

MacOS Version 0.2.2

Linux Version 0.2.2

Once you’ve downloaded the latest version of Bazecor, it’s important that you flash your firmware. 

Flashing your firmware requires a lot of care. We’ve been getting some emails from some of our Dygmates saying that they had problems doing the update. 

We know that it’s not common for products to have firmware updates. Most companies don’t even sell products that can have firmware updates because it’s easy to make a mistake during the process. It is a sensitive process. 

But the reason we want users to be able to update their firmware is because this gives their keyboard an eternal lifespan. All updates and bugs on your keyboard can be fixed whenever we share a new firmware update. And we will be rolling new functionality continuously.

So it’s important that you follow the instructions to the letter. 

  • If you currently have your custom layers saved on your Raise, it is highly recommended that you save all your layers on a separate document before flashing the firmware.
  • Make sure you connect your Raise directly to your computer and not use a hub.
  • Use the 3 Dygma cables.
  • Follow the instructions in the Firmware Update screen in Bazecor. It will require you to put your LED lights on Raindbow mode.

To know more about how to properly flash your keyboard’s firmware, head over to our Help Center 👍

We’ve created a Personalized Layout Service

When you buy the Dygma Raise, you are actually buying two products: the Raise and Bazecor.

The Raise helps improve your performance, health, and comfort thanks to its premium build, ergonomic design, and extra thumb keys.

Bazecor is what pushes your performance to the next level by allowing you to create layers that adapt to your needs. And now, buying the Raise also comes with a new service: a Personalized Layout based on how you use the keyboard.

As soon as your Raise is on its way to your doorstep, we will be sending you an email with a questionnaire. Your answers will be used to create your personalized layers. 

This Personalized Layout service accomplishes three things:

  • Teaches you about some of the powerful and advanced features of Bazecor.
  • Creates a layout configuration that fits how you use the keyboard already.
  • Shortens the time you’ll need to maximize those features.

So this is one other thing that you can look forward to when receiving your Raise.

How neat is that? 😊

Getting to know our Dygma Raise users

You know we always want to have a close relationship with our community. During the last few months, we've been talking with many of our customers via video chat and we’ve learned a lot about them and their experiences with the Raise. 

This made us think that we should continue having these talks so that we could learn more about our users and also about what we can do to improve the Raise and make Dygma better.

That being said, for those who already have their Raise keyboards, we'd like to invite you to participate in a Video Q&A with us (Dominique & Luis) where we'll ask you questions about your experiences with the Raise and other stuff 😉

It will be a casual video session that will only take 30-40 minutes. It will be recorded and will possibly be used for our other video content :)

First video Q&A with one of our customers, Howard 😊 

So if you're interested, please schedule the time and date that works for you and we will speak soon!

Again, thank you all for your support!

Till the next update!

- Dygma Team

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