Samples, packaging and Backerkit updates

Samples, packaging and Backerkit updates


Hey there guys,

We know it’s been a while since our last update. A lot has been going on but we do hope that you bear with us as we move forward. We are trying to give the updates as soon as possible! And our first update comes from China.

Samples from Shenzhen, China

Last month, we received a lot of different samples from our manufacturers in China. Since then, we have been checking their qualities and the different pieces that we can offer with the Raise keyboard. We are constantly working with the manufacturers to make sure we get the best materials for our product.

Here’s a list of what we’re working on:

  • Anti-slip materials and neoprene foam samples for the palm pads.
  • Different USB C cables – braided, with aluminum casing, with different colors.
  • Different stabilizers.
  • Mylar plastic that can used at the bottom of the keyboard.
  • Different keycaps – with different materials – PBT double shot, ABS laser etched, etc.
  • Polycarbonate materials – to diffuse the underglow lights.
  • MPU anti-slip materials.
  • Different metal structures of anodized aluminium, some with brushed finishing, some sandblasted.
  • Different keycap/switch pullers, o-rings, and other accessories.

Given all these samples, we have already selected the final pieces for the components of the Raise.

Packaging Prototype – Phase 3

You can check our previous videos of the Packaging Prototype Phase 1 and Phase 2.

For Phase 3, we were able to test the packaging prototype with a few of our backers.

The main assumptions that we wanted to validate:

  • The user can assemble the switches and the keycaps of the keyboard.
  • The user can do it easily and enjoy the experience.

Here are our conclusions:

  1. The packaging concept was well understood.
  2. The keyboard can be assembled by the user – some people took more time than others but it can be done.
  3. We need to test the prototype with more users so we can create more iterations and improve the packaging.

How would you feel if you received the keyboard with separate boxes for the switches and keycaps, and you learned how to assemble them yourself? Would you find this interesting? Or would you prefer to receive the keyboard with everything assembled?

It would be great if you could let us know!


The Backerkit is 98% ready!

The Backerkit is the survey that will be sent to all of our backers from our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign. This survey will ask for the selected color, switches, and keycap language/layout of your pre-ordered Raise keyboard.

The reason it has taken so long to send this out is that we had to finalise all the different materials with our product development team and the manufacturers from Shenzhen. And considering that the Raise has multiple add-on options, it took some time for us to input all the variants for all the pledges. It’s a lot of work but we’re nearly there! Also, we had included a more add-ons for you guys to get additional accessories at a discounted price.

Thank you so much for your patience. You can expect an email with the survey later this week.

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