Ready to assemble the first 100 Defy!

Ready to assemble the first 100 Defy!

The moment we've all been waiting for is getting closer. In the next two weeks, all the first runs of the different components will be finished –what we call the Production Validation Test or PVT– and we'll start assembling the first 100 Dygma Defy.

This calls for a celebratory GIF 💃

Celebratory Meme

So, let's review the checklist and ensure everything is ready.

Make sure to read it all; we have a little surprise at the end 🎁


The keycaps should have been ready last week, but we found a shrinking issue in some of them.

We had to do exhaustive quality control on the keycaps that were already laser-etched and also laser-etch more sets. We were able to do that this week, so the PVT is ready 🙌

Atlantis Blue Dygma Defy with White Keycaps

Our supplier also changed their injection process to ensure this doesn't happen during mass production, which will start next week and last around four weeks. It's a bit longer than we planned, but still within our schedule, as we'll assemble them once the keyboards are in Spain.

We have also received the whole batch of stabilizers. It's a tiny detail, but we were able to sort out white stabilizers for the white keycaps. They are usually black regardless of keycap color, but since the stabilizer is for the T8 thumbkey (the tip), we thought it would be a nice touch.

Palm pads

Magnetic Palm Pads

The palm pads PVT is almost ready. We're only missing the antislip sticker, which should be ready early next week.

We found some issues with the folding in some units, and a bit of glue was visible in others. That's not a problem for the first run, as we made plenty enough, but it can become a potential risk for mass production if we have to disregard many 🤞

The lead time for the rest of the units is one month, which is also within schedule. The palm pads are not required for assembly; you just need to place them on the keyboard.

Top Panel

Dygma Defy top panel finish

The PVT of the top panels is ready, and since it's one of the components that takes the longest to manufacture, mass production has already started 👌

Nonetheless, it's a critical assembly component and has a tight timeline.

Our supplier wanted us to wait until Manel got there next week to validate the PVT, but we told him to start the stamping process, which is the easiest part, and wait for us to do the CNC, polishing and anodizing.

The plan is to have units ready to start the mass production assembly as soon as we finish assembling the first 100 Defy.


Defy Black Mylar

All the bases for the PVT are ready, as well as the diffusor for the underglow and the antislip rubber legs. The only component missing is the mylar for the base, which should be ready early next week 👍

They shouldn't pose any risk for mass production, as plastic injection is relatively quick.

Tenting legs

Defy Tenting Legs

The aluminum tenting legs are giving us headaches. As you might remember, we made a last-minute change to the mold before launching the PVT, and it failed 🤦‍♀️

They have started the fix, and the legs should arrive on time for assembly next week or the week after that at the latest.

We'll have to make slight adjustments to our assembly plan to do the tenting legs last, but it will be tight. If they arrive as promised, the assembly will be on schedule 😊

Defy Tenting Legs Feeling

We foresee a similar plan for mass production, with the tenting legs being one of the last components to arrive. Fortunately, they are part of the final stages of the assembly, so we can work around that, but it's one of the main risk factors.

On the other hand, all the plastic parts are ready, which includes the rods, the side legs, and the reverse tilting legs. We'll start mass production once we validate them next week, and it should take just a couple of weeks.

Packaging, accessories and other small components

Defy Bubble Envelopes

Just a little detail to show you regarding packaging. The bubble envelope that protects the travel case is also ready. It's a lovely deep black with the Dygma logo on it 🤩

Other small things are ready: the sound-dampening foam and felt, the cases and stickers for the neurons, and the shipping box. We're still waiting on the user manuals, but that shouldn't be a problem.


Cable Wrapping tests

During these last weeks, we've been working on how the cables are wrapped inside the travel case. We explored options with our supplier, including paper, velcro straps and plastic clips.

We finally settled on the little plastic strips because they allowed for tighter wrapping, making the most of the space in the pocket 👏

Cable Wrapping Finals

Remember, the Defy comes with four USB-C to C cables: one 1.5m, two 30cm, and one 50cm long. It'll also come with a small USB-C to A adaptor. They'll all be black or silver, depending on the color of your top panel. If you have a special color, they'll match the color of your keycaps.

They will all be ready and wrapped (the entire mass production) in two weeks.


Happy Stefan

Our Senior Electronics Engineer, Stefan, arrived in China this week to oversee the PCB assembly and testing of the PVT. No traveling nightmare this time around –phew! 😅

So far, he has been testing and validating the Keyscannes, the Wired Neuon and the Underglow PCBs, and next week he'll focus on the RF and the Wireless Neuron PCBs.

Testing Testers

If all goes according to plan, all the PVT PCBs will be ready by the end of next week or the week after at most.

Then, we'll start mass producing the other few thousand PCBs left, which should be ready by mid-June.

Electronic Components Defy

What's next?

The next significant milestone is assembling the first 100 keyboards, starting next week and taking about three weeks.

To ensure everything goes according to plan, our Lead Product Engineer, our beloved Manel, will travel to China next week. Aitor, our Supply Chain Manager, will join him the week after that, and he'll stay until the last Defy is assembled and shipped.

Dygma Defy Assembly

They'll be working closely with our assembly factory to fine-tune our assembly procedure –which he set up on his first trip to China– oversee the whole operation and keep an eye on any possible imperfection we should correct.

Assembly and quality control of these first units should be ready by the end of the first week of June. We'll then airfreight them to Spain –which usually takes between one or two weeks– do final assembly, packaging, labeling and whatnot, and send them to you 🥳

Dygma Defy Timeline

Right after we finish the first keyboards, the critical components of the mass production should be ready, so we'll continue assembling the rest few thousand units throughout June and July.

Even though it's costly, we plan to airfreight part of the shipment so we can start sending keyboards to you as early as the first week of August 🤗

Start preparing for your Defy

Bazecor Virtual Defy

For the last couple of months, we have been working on a side project that we think you'll appreciate: we've developed a version of our configurator software, Bazecor, that works without the Defy being connected! 🍾

You can download it from our website.

That means you can create and edit virtual keyboards, explore the different features and start playing with your layers. When you get your Defy, you'll be able to import these configurations and be ready to rock 🤘

And if you want to learn how to use Bazecor, we've made this video that covers all the basics.

We hope you like it! And, as always, we are very grateful for your support!

Namaste 🇧🇹

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