The Raise 2 is ready for mass production - Dygma News #21

The Raise 2 is ready for mass production - Dygma News #21

Hello, Dygmates!

We are here today to share our latest news with you. Get ready for it because there are TONS of novelties. Do you want a sneak peek of the topics first? Let's go then!

  • Raise 2 testing units are all here
  • The Raise 2 is moving forward for mass production
  • The new Bazecor 1.4 that works over Bluetooth is almost ready- we just released the latest release candidate

The cargo is here

The office is a bit shaken up since this special cargo has arrived safe and sound: all Raise 2 beta testing units are here. Manel and Miquel are eagerly guarding them; everyone wants to take one 😂

We've already checked them mechanically and flashed the latest firmware so they are ready for testing. Our next step is to test them internally and externally with our beta testing team of 10 Dygmates... in fact, the keebs are already on their way to them! Our goal now is to double-check the hardware with prolonged use and find and squash all the firmware bugs so that it's perfect for launch.

Raise 2: road to mass production

We are very, very close to starting mass-producing the Raise 2. All the things we wanted to improve from this DVT (Design Validation Test) are well underway, and as soon as they are confirmed, we'll launch mass production. I bet you are curious about what these improvements were, so let me share them with you 😋

Adding more LEDs to the underglow was a priority to avoid dark sports, so we increased them from 75 to 107. This new design is ready and has been sent to the supplier.

Also, we wanted to adjust reverse tilting legs since some units had a slight wobble on reverse tilting. We found a solution, and the new samples are already on their way for testing.

Improving the top panel finish was another of our priorities, and now we have some samples that look great (you are gonna love it). Also, we needed to approve the golden sample for the base of the palm pad.This is the only thing that was 3D printed for the DVT, but it's almost ready.

We are also looking for cables with the same specs that are more flexible, but we won't stop mass production if we don't find them.

If you are interested on all this, we talked about these improvements on our last DygmaPod with Manel, Head of Product, so you can check it out if you want to know more.

With all these changes, we are a couple of weeks behind our initial schedule, but we are still on time to start shipping in October.

New Bazecor 1.4 rc5

We are very close to the stable release of Bazecor 1.4, which allows you to edit your keyboard via BT and has a more intuitive preferences menu.

This new Release Candidate adds two new critical elements for the final version:

  • A new, more intuitive and robust Keyboard Manager that replaces the old Keyboard Selector
  • A refactored firmware update process that should help get rid of all those pesky update problems.

We've troubleshot both extensively, but a change of that calibre needs your help, so please install it and try it out!

You can check what we are working on and access the latest releases at

And that's it for now, Dygmates! What was your favorite news? Let us now in our video's comments section, we will make sure to read them all 😉

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us on Reddit or Discord.

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