Pre-reserve your Raise 2 and enjoy the exclusice VIP discounts

Become a Raise 2 VIP and pre-reserve your keyboard

The long-awaited day has finally arrived: we are thrilled to announce the official start date of the Raise 2 Launch Campaign. Alongside this exciting news, we also publish the retail, Launch Campaign, and VIP pricing details.

So watch the video or keep reading to save up to $180 and get free shipping on your Raise 2.

When does the Raise 2 Launch Campaign start?

Let's start with the starting day so everyone can save the date and set up the alarms.

The Raise 2 Launch Campaign begins on March 26.

We are making a limited launch run of a few thousand keyboards; don't miss out on them!

How much will the Raise 2 cost?

How much will the Raise 2 cost?

The base retail price of the Raise 2 will be identical to the Dygma Defy: $369.

Similar to the Defy, it will have extra features such as built-in tenting, wireless connectivity, and the ultrabright RGBW underglow. These add-ons will come at an extra cost:

  • Adding integrated tenting to your keyboard will cost $80 🏕️
  • Wireless will set you back $90 📡
  • The RGBW underglow will be an extra $80 🌈

These are the different options to configure your keyboard and their retail price:

Retail prices

But wait! We have special launch discounts!

During this Launch Campaign, the base Raise 2 will cost $299, which is already a $70 discount!

And each add-on will cost $70, which is $10 or $20 off depending on the add-on.

This means you can save as much as $110 if you get a full-spec Dygma Raise 2.

Raise 2 Launch campaign prices

And that’s not all; if you subscribe to the Raise 2 mailing list, you'll also get free shipping, which is valued at up to 45 USD, depending on where you live.

Are you not a subscriber yet?! 😱

Now we'll pretend we haven't seen anything and turn away while you go to our page and subscribe quickly.

Pre-reserve your Raise 2 now & enjoy even more discounts!

For $5, you can pre-reserve your keyboard right now and become a Raise 2 VIP.

On top of the launch discounts and free shipping, you'll get an add-on of your choice for FREE!

This means that, by becoming a VIP, you can save $180 if you get a full spec Dygma Raise 2. And don't forget the free shipping too! So over $200 saved in total 😊

Raise 2 VIP discounts

For those with commitment issues, don't worry; you can cancel your VIP reservation any time before launch, and we'll refund the $5.

When will the Raise 2 ship?

Fair enough; you want to know where we are with the Raise 2 and how long you need to wait for it.

Shipping is scheduled for October 2024.

Manufacturing has already been in motion for a few months. Manel, our lead product designer, just came back from China, and we're well within schedule.

Raise 2 keyboard

We've been able to pass the electronics certification before the Chinese New Year, and the Design for Manufacturing is ready, so we can kick off the tooling as soon as our suppliers are back from their holidays.

We'll have a few dozen design validation test units ready by May so we can do proper beta testing and iron things out for mass production during the summer.

And that's it! Don't forget to pre-reserve your Raise 2 and get all those cool discounts!

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