First Dygma Raise units are out for testing

First Dygma Raise units are out for testing

Testing phase of the Dygma Raise

The testing phase of the first units of the Dygma Raise has already begun!




We’ve prepared and sent out 19 keyboards to be tested. Some have been sent to backers living in Shenzhen, some living here in Valencia, and some have been sent to the developers and consultants that have helped us during the development of the Raise.


In our last Kickstarter update, we asked our backers who were interested to be a tester to answer a questionnaire. We saw some very interesting profiles and setups! We even saw that there were some people who answered but weren’t backers. Cheeky! Nice try guys ;)

Those who were finally selected were:

- Jake Hogan

- Jordan Howard

- Karl Sabo

- Rafa Puerta

- Riccardo Beccaria 

- Shay Fuimaono

Congrats guys! You’ll be receiving a Dygma Raise DVT unit and will be part of the pool of testers.

A big thank you to everyone who answered! ?

Feedback from the testing phase

One backer tried to connect the Neuron to their Mac computer using an official USB-C to USB-C cable from Mac. But the keyboard wasn’t recognized by the computer. 

We learned that some USB-C to USB-C cables, especially the more expensive ones, have an extra component on each connector that helps give extra information to the computer for specific purposes. It basically helps the computer detect what it is connected to.

But we also tested other cables and learned that if you used an adaptor or other cheaper USB-C to USB-C cables that didn’t have that extra component, the keyboard would be recognized by the Mac computer.

In the end, we decided to add an extra component in the Neuron that will allow more advanced USB-C to USB-C cables to detect the keyboard. This will be implemented in the new PCBs for mass production. And of course, if you use our Dygma cables, the keyboard will work 100% as well.

Another issue we saw was with the rotating effect of the underglow. At some point, it would stop rotating or changing colors. We spotted this bug quickly and Matt was able to fix this by updating the firmware.

Receiving the feedbacks from the testers is really crucial as we move forward with mass production. We have already fixed a lot of the bugs from the software but we still want to monitor the other Raise units. We want to make sure we spot these issues now and fix them before we start with mass production.

There are still other minor bugs that we are troubleshooting now. We will keep you posted on their developments.

Certification of the electronics

We’re extremely happy that we’ve already sent out a few Dygma Raise units for some backers to test out! All the components are already ready, but the only thing that is blocking us now is the certification of the electronics. The electronics of the Raise are working fine, but the official certification is what’s taking a while. 

We already talked about our frustration regarding this topic in our previous updates. We had worked on this for so long and then passed.  But, since we had to modify some parts of the PCBs, it made us fail in the other tests. We’ve been making modifications on the PCBs based on the tests that failed and when we had it checked again, it passed in one test but failed in a different test.

Making these modifications, having the new PCBs created, and booking for a test, and re-doing it once or twice have all been so time-consuming. And this is the only thing really blocking us. 

But we are doing the best we can to solve this! Hopefully, in our next certification test, we will pass all of them and finally start mass production.

Hang on guys! We’re almost there!


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