Dygma Raise split keyboard delivery updates

Dygma Raise split keyboard delivery updates


This week was supposed to be the week we were going to receive the first 100 or so units of the Dygma Raise keyboards from the second batch.

We had anticipated that there would be issues but we didn’t expect it to happen on the week we were expecting the keyboards.

Last Friday afternoon, June 19, while our assembly factory was testing the lights of the assembled Raise keyboards, they noticed that the red LED in one of the keyboards would flicker and then stop working. They then saw this happening to other LEDs in other keyboards.

Worried that other keyboards had this problem, our assembly factory decided to unpack all Raise keyboards that had been previously packed in the travel case. Once unpacked, they checked them all again and found a few more LEDs with the same issue. 

The outgoing quality control (OQC) was supposed to be on June 22. And keyboards were supposed to be shipped to Spain on the 24th! It was a nightmare.

They weren’t sure what was causing this problem. They had a hunch that it was due to the humidity because it had been raining in China for a few days. 

They first performed a Burn-In Test with 100 Raise keyboards in which they turned on all LEDs of the Raise and they set them to white for 24 hours. This test was needed to find out if more keyboards had the issue.

From the first test, they found 4 defective LEDs. They then tested another 200 Raise keyboards and found 3 defective LEDs.

They then opened the keyboards to inspect the LED and found moisture inside.

The black lines encircle the water.

We really didn’t know this would happen or that this was possible. But we deduced that the LEDs already had this moisture inside before they were assembled in the PCB-A factory.

So our LED supplier is going to remove all the malfunctioning LEDs that we find and replace each of them. This means that we will perform the Burn-In Test with all of the Raise keyboards in order to find the ones with the defective LEDs and then fix them.

The good news is that we found what the problem was, it wasn’t a huge problem, and we now have a plan to solve it :)

We have postponed the OQC to next Monday, June 29, and we will ship the keyboards to our warehouse in Spain on Thursday, July 2 to Friday, July 3. Given this hurdle, delivery is only delayed by a week.

Then we will start shipping the keyboards to customers the following week. So the keyboards will arrive to the customers by the 2nd to 3rd week of July instead of the 1st to 2nd week. We’re super close! Let’s hope no more issues happen 

Other than the shipping update, we also have a few updates regarding the Raise and what to expect once the pre-order sale ends:

We are out of stock of silver ANSI (with US keycaps) Raise keyboards.

Just this week we ran out of stock of the silver Raise keyboards with the ANSI layout. 

We didn’t anticipate that the demand for the silver Raise would be this high. In our previous batch, the silver version only had 20% of our sales. For the last few months, it has spiked to 40% of our sales.

The next production for the silver ANSI Raise will be in November.

And actually, because of the low minimum order quantity, it was more expensive to manufacture the silver Raise keyboards. This leads us to our next point.

We’ve increased the price of the silver ISO (with UK keycaps) version by 10%.

We have increased the price for the silver Raise with UK keycaps from $325 to $355 for Cherry MX switches and from $299 to $329 for the Kailh Speed switches. But of course, we are still offering the 10% discount. 

The last day of the preorder sale will be on the 28th of June. 

We are launching a new website on June 29. In line with this, we will end the preorder sale and start accepting normal orders.

We will also no longer be offering Kailh Speed Gold switches after we end preorders.

There was not a high demand for the Kailh Speed Gold switches so we decided to not offer them anymore once preorders have ended. 

We are considering offering another line of switches, maybe silent switches, for the third batch of Raise keyboards. But we will officially announce this once we have decided on the new switches.


We have a new Youtube video up and it’s all about touch typing. Dominique and Luis talk about the importance of touch typing and how it can benefit your work. 

They also talk about the other typing techniques, such as the gamer technique and 2-fingers technique, and what you need to do to transition into touch typing. 

After covering the basics, they then discuss how having a keyboard such as the Dygma Raise can optimize your workflow.

Watch it now. 


As some of you might already know, we’ve had this bug in the latest firmware which caused the keyboard to freeze. The lights would remain on but no input would be recognized. Users would need to then unplug and replug the cables for it to function properly. This only affected some users but it was an annoying bug that we’ve been working hard to fix.

For users experiencing this bug, we have a solution!

The new firmware works great. It’s the firmware that all our 2nd batch keyboards will have. But you can’t flash it with Bazecor v0.2. We would need to flash it with a special tool that we use to flash the firmware in our factories. And, it has to be done in Windows 10.

This flashing tool is a temporary patch until we have Bazecor v0.3 ready. We are offering this solution so whoever is experiencing it can solve it without having to wait for the new Bazecor version.

To flash this firmware, we will need 15 minutes of your time, just to make sure we do all the steps properly. Please, use this link to schedule a call with Dominique. She will guide you through the process :)

Important: If you don’t have this issue, there is no need for you to do this process.

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