Dygma News #6 - New keycaps, new colors and more!

Dygma Defy Onyx

The last couple of weeks have been frikin' amazing here at Dygma 🤩

We launched the Kickstarter for the Dygma Defy, we have new keycaps and color combinations for the Raise and the Defy, and we have opened pre-sales of the Black Raise.

So, buckle. News incoming! 💣

Kickstarter of the Dygma Defy

The biggest news of them all is that we launched the Kickstarter of the Dygma Defy 🎉

Launch day was incredible. You showed the Defy so much support that we hit our 50k€ goal in 4 minutes. 4 minutes!!! That’s just as long as our Kickstarter video.

Dygma Defy Kickstarter page

After that, we just couldn't stop watching the counter keep rolling. And it went so fast that we reached 1.000 backers during our Live Launch Party.

After 24 hours, we surpassed the 500.000€ mark.

So, thank you so much to all of you. There aren’t enough words or emojis to show how grateful we are 😘🥰😍😊🤗😻

New Onyx and Yin-Yang colors available for the Defy

Dygma Defy Yin-Yang 

500.000€ was more than a symbolic figure. It was our first stretch goal, which meant that we’ve unlocked two color combinations for the Defy: the Onyx –silver with black keycaps and palm pads– and the Yin-Yang –black with white keycaps and palm pads.

They both look stunning, and you’ll be able to choose them in the post-campaign survey we’ll send once the Kickstarter is over. In that survey, you’ll also be able to select your switches and the layout of your keycaps.

New dash keycaps

Dygma Dash Keycaps 

And talking about keycaps. Besides offering the Defy in different languages (English, French, Spanish, German, and Nordic), you’ll also have the option to choose dash keycaps.

These are great if you want to take your touch-typing technique to the next level. Or if you want to use another layout like COLEMAK or DVORAK and don’t want to be confused by the QWERTY key arrangement.

Typing with dash keycaps

Plus, they look so, so cool, and they let a lot of light shine through.

If you love them as much as we do but don’t want to wait until the Defy is shipped, you can already get them for the Raise keyboard at Dygma.com.

New white keycaps for the Raise

White keycaps Dygma

Along with the dash keycaps, we’ve also added new ABS laser-etched white keycaps for non-English languages, which include French, Spanish, German, and Nordic. That also means you can now get the silver Dygma Raise in those languages.

It has taken us more than what we've wanted to have the white keycaps, but we were really picky with the quality and just weren’t satisfied with what we were getting.

Now, these new white keycaps, as well as the dash keycaps, are completely worth it. They have an awesome textured matt finish, the legends are crispier, and they allow twice the amount of light to shine through.

Pre-orders for the Black Dygma Raise are now open

Pre-orders Dygma Raise black

Some of you must’ve noticed that the black Dygma Raise has been missing from our shop for some weeks.

Luckily, a new batch will be in stock in October this year. We've opened pre-sales on our website, and we'll ship them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You can pre-order your Black Dygma Raise here👇

We’ve changed some things for this new batch that we’re sure you’ll appreciate, like a new sound dampener and an improved transport case.

We’ve also made some changes to the switches lineup. We’ve added the Gateron G Pro 2.0 Yellow, and we’ve substituted the Kailh Speed Bronze for Kailh Box White.

Next colors to be unlocked for the Dygma Defy

Colors Dygma Defy

And finally, we didn’t want to end without talking about what our next Kickstarter stretch goal would unlock. If we reach 1 million euros, we’ll offer Atlantis Blue and Daredevil Red as optional colors for the Defy.

We haven’t made them for the Defy yet, but you can see how nice they look on the Raise.

So please, share the Dygma Defy Kickstarter with your friends, or get one for yourself if you haven’t already.

Here’s the link 👇

Once again, thank you so much for supporting the Dygma Defy Kickstarter campaign.

What can we say? … We love you!!

–The Dygma Team

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