New Bazecor, Raise 2 manufacturing & a lucky giveaway winner - Dygma News #18

Dygma News #18

We've been quite busy lately, and you'll see why - but we always have time to bring you the latest and greatest Dygma News.

The first Raise 2 manufacturing update is here, our VIP campaign is live, we have a new Bazecor and firmware release, and we have more Dygma Defy in stock. And the most important today: we have our Raise 2 giveaway winner! 

The first Raise 2 manufacturing update

Raise 2

Manel, our Lead Product Designer, arrived back in Spain a few days ago, and he filled us in on the ins and outs of his trip to China ✈️

His trip started with the Raise 2 CE certification, which we passed with flying colors.

Manel in China

As a sneak peek, we can tell you we've finished DFM (Design for Manufacturing), and we're kicking off the DVT (Design Validation Test), too.

We're super excited to get our hands on those first few dozen DVT samples, which should be ready around May. This is a sample batch before we mass-produce a few thousand units.


The Raise 2 pre-reserve is open

Talking about the first thousand units...Have you secured yours already? It's just $5, and you can guarantee your Raise 2, plus you can enjoy our exclusive discounts.

Raise 2 VIP discounts

By pre-reserving your keyboard, you become a VIP, and as a VIP, you'll get free shipping and a free add-on of your choice, like wireless, tenting, or underglow.

This means that you can save over $200 if you get a full-spec Dygma Raise 2.

More Dygma Defy in stock

If you're more of a Defy person, we have good news, too. There is more Dygma Defy in stock! Full-spec keyboards are available again, and they can be delivered now.

Dygma Defy in stock

If you're fast enough, you can choose the color, too! We have black, silver, and even some limited editions!

Limited edition DefyIf you don't find what you want, don't worry! You can create a custom Defy that matches exactly what you need.

These custom configurations are being manufactured and on track to ship in early April. Some of them might be ready even sooner!

New Bazecor 1.4 and Firmware

Now, it's time to take care of those who already own a Dygma keyboard.

This week, we have released Bazecor 1.4 beta, a new version of our configuration software with a long-awaited feature: you can now configure your keyboard over Bluetooth too!

Bazecor 1.4.0

You'll also find a revamped preferences section that's more intuitive to use, and we've refactored the code to get rid of many, many bugs.

Firmware-wise, we have a new 1.2.7 beta update for the Dygma Defy that includes three very important fixes:

  • We fixed a bug where the keyboard would freeze when waking up your Mac
  • We fixed a bug where your layers would randomly disappear when using Bluetooth
  • We fixed a bug where the LED preferences would not work on the wired Defy.

New firmware

And now we're getting really close to the moment everyone has been waiting for...

Raise 2 Giveaway

It's time to announce the winner of the Raise 2 giveaway 🥁

Congratulations to @DanutCodrescu; you are the chosen one to win a Dygma Raise 2!

Raise 2 giveaway winner

Thank you, everyone, for participating in the giveaway; we were delighted to read all your comments 💙

That's it for today, but don't worry - we're coming back soon with the latest news.

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