500 Defy shipped, new Bazecor 1.3.4 and more! - Dygma News #14

500 Defy shipped, new Bazecor 1.3.4 and more! - Dygma News #14

Welcome to the Dygma (full of good) News!

We've started shipping the Dygma Defy keyboards, released new wireless features, just launched a new version of Bazecor, and have some news regarding the Dygma Raise. 

500 Dygma Defy Keyboards have been shipped! 

Let's start with the most significant news: 500 Defy keyboards were shipped last week, and some have already arrived at their destinations!

We began sending full-spec black keyboards out, and other configurations will follow.

Assembly line in china for the Defy

If you're one of the lucky 500, you should've received an email with a tracking number, so look out for that.

If you haven't, don't worry; shipping will continue next week, as this week is the National Day Golden Week in China, and will extend for the following 4 to 6 weeks.

As a reminder, we're fulfilling and shipping keyboards in sub-batches of different configurations depending on what's best to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy.

assembly line in china for the defy

That's defined by the assembly factory based on a gazillion factors that change daily, so as much as we'd love to be able to share with you what's being done next, we can't.

However, you can join the party on Discord, where we share information on what's being shipped.

New wireless features for the Defy 

You can also ask again and again about the status of your specific configuration, and we'll kindly answer what we know.

Another great news is that we've added new wireless features for the Defy.

defy UI

Thanks to the new UI on the keyboard, you can pair the Defy with up to 5 Bluetooth devices and easily swap between them.

When you plug the Neuron into the back of the keyboard, you'll see five blue lights in the number row on both halves. Each one represents one device.

Select the desired channel, say 1, and it will start pulsing. Then go to your computer and select it in the Bluetooth preferences. It will show the name you assigned to your keyboard and the channel. For example: Defy - 1.

led lights on the defy

Once you've assigned multiple devices, you'll start seeing more colors in that UI:

  • Blue means available channel
  • White means assigned channel
  • Green means active channel
  • And if you hold the red key under each channel, it'll reset it

You can also access the Bluetooth pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth pairing key, which you can assign in Bazecor.

bluetooth in bazecor for the Defy

Right now, your paired devices will reset when you update your firmware, but we're working on fixing that and being able to manage your devices on Bazecor.

We're also working on being able to use Bazecor over Bluetooth. Right now, it works through radio frequency and wired.

Another wireless feature we've implemented is the possibility to have different LED brightness when using the keyboard in radio frequency or with Bluetooth, as well as other battery management options.

advance setting bazecor

To use these features, you must have Bazecor 1.3.4 installed and update your firmware to the latest available version, which takes us to the next bit of news.

The new Bazecor 1.3.4

We've released a new version of our configuration software, Bazecor 1.3.4, which includes the necessary UI to manage the latest wireless features, but also other essential updates.

You can download it here https://github.com/Dygmalab/Bazecor/releases/tag/v1.3.4

What else is new?

  • Improved battery reading and battery status for the Defy

battery life in bazecor 1.3.4

  • We've included an independent English UK layout. Before, you would get English US or UK depending on whether your keyboard was ISO or ANSI, which doesn't work for the Defy 😅

new uk language in bazecor

  • Improved the keyboard selection screen while multiple keyboards are connected.
  • We revamped the flashing procedure with new instructions and a new user interface that guides you through the process. We also fixed a bug where the firmware update process would not start if your top-left key were not ESC.

updated ESC in bazecor

  • We fixed some minor UI bugs and finally launched a native MacOS ARM native version. 

The elephant in the room has r(a)isen

Right now, we are out of stock of black and silver Dygma Raise keyboards, and we don't have an ETA on the restock, but don't worry, we are still offering still  limited edition colors.

limited edition raise colors

The timing could have been better because most of our efforts are focused on shipping the Defy, but now that's rolling, we'll be able to update you on the Raise in a couple of weeks.

In order to make up for this, we've extended the end-of-summer promo, and you can get a limited edition Dygma Raise at the same price as a black or silver.

That's $70 off, and you'll have a keyboard that'll turn heads.

As always thank you Dygmates for your constant support in us! 🥰

- The Dygma Team 

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