2022 at Dygma was 🔥🎢🔥

2022 at Dygma was 🔥🎢🔥

2022 has been our best year so far 🎉🍾💃🏻

We launched the new Dygma Defy, Bazecor 1.0.0, and a revision of our beloved Dygma Raise.

Plus, the team has grown, and we’re now working on a new mystery device!!! 🧐

All thanks to your support. We can't be grateful enough 🥰

Watch the video or keep reading not to miss a thing!

The Big Announcement

We started 2022 strong by announcing the Dygma Defy, our new long-awaited columnar keyboard, with built-in tenting, wireless, lots of thumbkeys, spectacular RGBW…

And we can only say one thing: thank you 🙏

Defy Kickstarter is LiveThe Dygma Defy Kickstarter was a huge success: 2388 of you backed the Dygma Defy, and if you consider the post-campaign sales, we surpassed by far the 1 million mark.

However, releasing a keyboard is not all fun and games, at least for the product team.

The Manufacturing Tales

Dygma Engineers RollercoasterDesigning the Defy wasn’t easy, but nothing compares to how hard manufacturing is.

We’ve been through thick and thin perfecting the samples with the suppliers, dealing with the certification lab, and figuring out the firmware for such a complex keyboard while navigating the world chip shortage.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, but luckily, we’re through the worst part: the Dygma Defy has passed the certification, and we’re ready for mass production 🦾

We encourage you to check all our manufacturing updates - it’s a fun read.

The New Raise 1.4

With the Dygma announcement, we thought sales of the Dygma Raise would be stale for some time. That way, we would have time to revise the design extensively and develop a Raise V2.

However, you kept buying it so much that we had to manufacture a new batch of Raises and tenting kits! 😅Manel No

This new batch includes minor but interesting improvements, like a new sound-dampening solution, new colors, a new travel case, factory-lubed stabilizers, and new ABS keycaps for non-English languages.

Check out the video below if you want to know all that’s new in the Dygma Raise 1.4.

Growing the team

To deal with this increasing workload, we sped up our hiring. Now there are 20 of us! 🤯

Juan, our new firmware engineer, joined the team in Spring. By fall, we had also hired Gustavo, another firmware engineer, and Javier, an electronic engineer.

But not only the engineering team grew. Pedro came in June to join our Customer Delight department.

During the summer, we also incorporated David, our videographer, and Fernando, who’s responsible for how nice our thumbnails and social media posts look.

Finally, the last ones to join the team were Yuri, in charge of designing our new mystery device, and Laura, our new head of people.

Dygma Team

New website and refurbished shop

Another thing we have been working on is improving our website.

It has a new look that’s more in line with our brand, an intuitive navigation menu, and, most importantly, it’s now easier to configure your keyboard, and you have more customization options.

Dygma Raise Color Choices

For example, now you choose from six different colors and mix and match the keyboard’s base with black or white keycaps and palm pads, something you have asked us for years.

On top of that, we have launched the new Dygma Refurbished Shop, where you can enjoy the Dygma Experience for less.

Every Dygma Certified Refurbished is thoroughly inspected, tested, and re-packaged to ensure you enjoy the unmatched experience of unboxing a newly forged Dygma keyboard.

Dygma Certified Refurbished

Super Bazecor 1.0.0

After more than a year in development and innumerable Beta versions, we finally released Bazecor 1.0.0, a complete overhaul of the configurator software for the Dygma Keyboards.

We had to threaten our developer with changing his OS to Windows Vista, but it was worth it 😂

It has a revamped UX&UI, a new macro editor, a robust firmware update process, and much more cool stuff like Superkeys and automatic backups.

We recommend watching this video to learn everything new on Bazecor 1.0.0

Of course, this is just another step along the way. With the Dygma Defy on its way, our software will keep growing and improving.

The new studio

New Dygma Studio

Finally, you may have noticed a few new backgrounds in our videos

That’s because we have a new studio with fancy equipment and more space to clown around.

2023 is coming in hot

Besides shipping the awaited Dygma Defy, 2023 has a lot in store.

We’ll announce the mystery device we’ve been working on, continue improving Bazecor, develop a Raise V2 with many, many new features, and, of course, we’ll keep growing the team and continue making awesome videos.

Thanks for letting us share this journey with you 😊 

See you next year!! 🥂

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