Ready to ship this week 🕺

Ready to ship this week 🕺

Hi, Dygmates!

After the longest, most intense three weeks of our lives –make that a year, actually– we're finally here bearing the very awaited news: shipping will start this week! 💃


I'm sure you have many questions, so let me answer them:

How are you handling fulfillment and shipping?

As you might remember, in August, we announced that we were changing how we fulfilled and shipped our keyboards.

Until now, we shipped all the keyboards to Spain and did quality control, final fulfillment and shipping to you from here.

Image in the warehouse testing the tenting on the Defy

That system was highly inefficient, as the keyboards took a long time to arrive in Spain, and our fulfillment capacity here is a fraction of what we can have in China. However, with COVID, we couldn't have anyone on site to do quality control, and that's non-negotiable for us, so we took the hit 😅

Now that the travel restrictions and our operations and product team have grown, we can have someone in China to oversee production and fulfillment all the time.

Image of a keycap RGBW inspection at the warehouse in China

That way, we can do quality control and fulfillment in our assembly factory. Once that's ready, the logistics company picks up the keyboards, takes them to their warehouse, and then ships them to you.

The big benefit is a higher fulfillment and shipping capacity, but it has meant that we've had to set up the fulfillment line and find a third-party logistic partner in record time 😮‍💨

Image of the final inspection of the Defy at the warehouse in China

The former was done relatively quickly –this week, we had keyboards ready to be picked up– but the deal with the logistic partner wasn't closed. There was nothing critical, just some details in the contract, but negotiations took longer than expected.

That's been solved now –at least to a point where we can start shipping– so those Dygma Defy will soon be on their way 🥳

When are we shipping exactly?

Shipping is planned to start on September 27th: that's Wednesday this week 🙌

To be more precise, we have around 300 Dygma Defy ready that were picked up by our third-party logistics partner on Saturday.

Image of the keyboards ready to be shipped

The keyboards will arrive at their facility on Monday, where they'll do the inbound control, which includes measuring and weighing packages, scanning the barcodes, doing inventory, etc.

That should only take a day or two, so shipping will start on Wednesday, and the keyboards will be on their way in a couple of days 🛫

In the meantime, we'll have another few hundred Dygma Defy ready to be picked up at our assembly factory, which should be shipped by the end of next week.

Image of the defy keyboards ready to be packed

This is critical because the week of October 2nd is National Day Golden Week in China, and the shipping facility is closed the whole week 🙃

Our assembly factory only closes on October 2nd and 3rd, so the good news is that we'll have more keyboards lined up to pick up on October 9th.

By then, we will have polished our fulfilling processes, and we'll be able to ship over a thousand Dygma Defy a week 💪

That way, we should finish shipping everything in early November, including Kickstarter backers and those who preordered on our website 🎉

Image of the timeline for the shipping of the Defy

How will I know when my keyboard is shipped?

You will receive an email with your tracking number once your keyboard has shipped.

The keyboards are being fulfilled in smaller batches of different configurations. For example, the first sub-batch will be full-spec Black English US, but we can't pinpoint specific orders.

Image of the dygma defy boxed and ready to ship

Keep in mind that we offer 6048 different configurations for the Defy; you can imagine the nightmare of assembling and fulfilling that. For many of those configurations, we're making just one or two keyboards, so there's a chance that you have one that nobody else has 😊

Will I have to pay taxes?

  • If you live in the European Union, we'll cover the import fees and taxes, so you won't have to pay taxes.

  • If you live in the United States, the declared value of the keyboard is under the US import taxes limit, so you won't have to pay taxes.

  • For the rest of the world, it will depend on your country's regulations.

What's the shipping method?

Since we're using a third-party logistic partner, the shipping method may vary depending on the destination country. Still, all of them will have tracking numbers and should arrive between 10 and 12 days.

So, what now?

These first shipments are just the beginning; we'll keep pushing to make sure that every keyboard is assembled, inspected, fulfilled and shipped 🫡

Image of keyboards ready for fulfillment

We won't rest until the last Dygma Defy has arrived at its new home 🏡

Of course, we'll publish another update in a few weeks to share with you how many keyboards have been shipped and any other relevant information.

Remember, if there's any problem with your order, email, and we'll be glad to help.

And if you want to get more day-to-day updates, join our Discord; we have a lot of fun over there 😊

As always, thank you so much for your support 🥰

Tack 🇸🇪

– The Dygma Team

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