Certification of the keyboard electronics and ready for production

Certification of the keyboard electronics and ready for production

CE & FCC certification status

Our Chinese lab has done another pre-certification and we passed everything except the EFT (Electrical Fast Transient). This test is intended to show the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to such fast transients.

We found out that we could pass this if we put extra shields on the cables. But this really messes up the way the Neuron sits on the table because the cables are so stiff. (If you remember, we spoke about this last year when we were deciding the new design for the Huble.)

One of the issues we've been having is that the Chinese labs do things in a particular way and the European labs in another. It's been confusing trying to resolve failing tests when the tests are carried out in different ways.

In China, they perform the EFT test by plugging the keyboard into a computer and then sending the pulses into the computer. In Europe they put the pulses into the USB cable, and one lab we spoke to were confused as to why we even needed an EFT test.

A few weeks ago Matt reached out on Twitter to try to find a European expert to help us out with our certification problems. Philip responded and helped us reach a better understanding of the EFT test. He pointed out that for ports that accept cables less than 3 meters long, an EFT isn't even required! So as long as we specify that the keyboard is not certified for USB cables longer than 3 meters we can skip the test and start the final certification!

The certification started on Wednesday 24th and we expect it to be completed in 6 working days.

Mass production

Matt will be flying to China this Sunday to oversee the work being done in the factory. He will be preparing the testing jigs and will do quality checks on the electronics. The factory will then manufacture 100 PCBs and Matt will be there to check that everything is working. BOSS!

Manel will then follow to China at the end of August, shortly after Matt comes back. Manel will be in charge of production as we finally fulfill all the orders. He will personally check (if needed) every single keyboard manufactured. PRESSURE!


We will update you as soon as we can about the estimated date of shipping. Once we start mass production, we'll have a date!

We will try to be more prompt and consistent with our updates.  We will start posting updates every other Monday at 4 pm CEST or 10 am EDT. We will also share the updates on our social media channels on the days following.

Thanks for reading!

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