New Bazecor 1.3.2 with updated firmware flashing & Defy features

New Bazecor 1.3.2 with updated firmware flashing & Defy features

In recent months, we have diligently prepared Bazecor for the Defy launch. This effort has resulted in Bazecor version 1.3.2, which accomplishes this goal and introduces a range of quality-of-life enhancements for Raise and Defy users.


Remember to also update the firmware to the latest version to make the most of all the features. If the process fails or it erases your layers, don't worry, you can restore your configuration from the preferences menu. 

Quality-of-life Improvements

  • We've migrated the app builder from Electron-Builder to Electron Forge, resulting in improved performance and stability for Bazecor.

  • The user interface is now responsive, catering to different screen resolutions.

UI Scaling improvement for Bazecor
  • Introducing a new cloud-based firmware update process that decouples firmware updates from software releases.

Cloud Firmware updating for Bazecor
  • Redesigned firmware update UI for better visualization of the flashing process.

New flashing UI Bazecor
  • Improved language support with the addition of Finnish, Korean, and EurKey.

Bazecor new languages

New Features for the Defy

  • Wireless Defy users can now access a new Wireless section, providing connection status, battery levels, energy-saving mode, and RF settings.

New Defy Wireless Features
  • Added a quick battery menu for easy access to battery levels and charging status.

New Bazecor Wireless Pop up
  • Introduced battery status, Bluetooth status, and Bluetooth reset keys to the key picker.

New Bazecor wireless buttons

The battery status key enables direct viewing of battery levels on the keyboard.

  • 🔴 One red LED means less than 10%
  • 🟢 One green LED means less than 40%
  • 🟢🟢 Two means between 40 and 70%
  • 🟢🟢🟢 And three mean above 70%
  • 🔋 When you're charging, the lights will pulse green in a sequence.
Defy new battery status

We're actively working on implementing seamless switching between different Bluetooth devices. In the meantime, the BT Reset key allows you to disconnect from a device and prepare for another connection.

That concludes the current updates!

Please download, test, and provide your feedback. Remember, you can use the software without the keyboard by selecting "use without a keyboard" on the welcome screen.

Bazecor Virtual Keyboard

As always, we deeply appreciate your support.

–The Dygma Team

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