April Manufacturing update and Youtube videos

April Manufacturing update and Youtube videos

Hello everyone! 

Recap: We launched the DVT (Design Validation Test) a week ago and we have already finished manufacturing most of the components, but there are still a few more left to be done.

The Design Validation Test is important because it’s the final test before mass production. Fifty (50) units of Raise keyboards are being made.

What's next?

In the first week of May, Manel, our Product Manager, is going to China to oversee the assembly process of the keyboards. After his final revision, he will sign off the launch of mass production. And then shipment!

Being that’s it’s already mid-April, we might not be able to send all Raise keyboards by the end of May. It will be very tight so we would need to stretch it out for June. We hope you understand. We are nearly there and we will keep you updated all the way!

While we wait for manufacturing to finish, we are also working double-time on the configurator software. We will be doing UX testings next week in order to have a good working version for the DVT units, and of course, a better one for mass production.

We are also working on the next firmware version. By the time we have the samples from the DVT, we will flash it in the keyboards, so we can use it with the configurator.

We hope you continue reading all our updates and stay up to date with all the developments! If there’s any more information you want to know, please tell us in the comments section below!

New Youtube videos

We’ve published a few more Youtube videos since the last update. We hope that you check them out from time to time. We try to post at least one video a week. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so at youtube.com/dygmalab ??


Behind the EMC Testing

In this video, Matt tells us his story about what happened with the electronics of the Raise. You might remember that we had issues passing the pre-certification. But good ol’ Matt came to save the day (or the weeks that we had had this problem) ?

Q&A with Luis

Lately we've been doing video interviews with the Dygma team. We've been telling people to ask us questions via our Instagram stories (@dygmalab). Follow us if you haven’t yet! ?

Last month we had one Q&A with Manel, our Product Manager. This next one is with our CEO, Luis “Deilor” Sevilla. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any more questions for any of us, just write it down below.

Till the next update! ?

- Dygma Team

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