10 Ideas to Optimize Your Small Desk Space

10 Ideas to Optimize Your Small Desk Space

We all know that making your bed in the morning and seeing your room all tidy can motivate you to tackle your tasks for the day. And the same applies to your workspace.

When you're working on your desk, you want it to be organized and tidy, as it can greatly influence your mood, health, and performance. Here are some useful tips on how to optimize your tiny desk!

Tip #1: Keep it minimal

The best way to organize a small desk is to simply have less stuff on it. Decide what items you really need on your desk and keep the rest off.

Messy desk space

Tip #2: Tidy up!

Once you put away all the unnecessary stuff, organize what is left on your desk to maintain an efficient and productive workspace. And be disciplined; if you use something from your drawer, put it back once you're done.

Tip #3: Improve your ergonomics

This is the most critical factor to consider when working long hours. Sitting in a tiny space, in an unnatural posture for extended periods, can lead to pain or even injuries in your hands, arms, back, or neck.

Get a good ergonomic chair and adjust it so that your arms form a 90-degree angle and your eyes are aligned with the top third of the screen.

Sitting Correctly, ergonomic chair

Tip #4: Try a trackball

A trackball can do wonders when you have a tiny desk. The reason is simple; as opposed to a conventional mouse, you don't need to move a trackball while navigating or scrolling.

You can try a thumb trackball, like the Logitech MX Ergo or the Ergo M575, or if you prefer to use your index finger, the Kensington K72359WW.

Logitech Mouse with trackball

Tip #5: Look up!

There might not be a lot of space around your tiny desk, but one thing's for sure, there's a lot of vertical space you might not be using.

Use the wall space above your desk to install a pegboard or shelves to store anything you want: switches, keycaps, paper, rubber ducks, and so much more! You can also install "wall" pockets for extra paper storage or even a headphone hanger.

Wall storage unit

Tip #6: Look down, too!

Don't forget about the space under your desk! You can use it to store more things.

For instance, you can incorporate a small bookshelf or a storage cabinet. Or install stick-on drawers. Just make sure your mouse is on the same level as the keyboard, and that you are sitting in an ergonomic position.

storage cabinets

Tip #7: Get a monitor stand

A monitor stand allows you to clear up space on your desk but also helps to position your monitor at eye level, improving your posture.

Monitor stand

Tip #8: Use a 60% split keyboard

A split 60% keyboard uses less space than a conventional keyboard. Not only is it small, but it allows you to place your mouse in the middle.

Our recommendation for a split 60% keyboard is the Dygma Raise or the Dygma Defy. Both keyboards are programmable, allowing you to access missing keys through layers and special function keys.

The Dygma Defy has an additional advantage of being wireless, providing even more flexibility and ease of use.

Dygma Raise

Tip #9: Avoid cable chaos

You can keep cords and cables organized and out of the way with a cable organizer. 

Better yet, remove cables all together and go full wireless with your peripherals. Like our Dygma Defy!

Cable management

Tip #10: Light it up!

Good lighting can make a small space look more pleasant and bigger. Use a light fixture that illuminates your work area without taking up too much space.

A clamp-on desk lamp is definitely a good idea. For example, this Ikea Tertial work lamp can be attached to your desk but also mounted on the wall, saving that coveted space.

Clamp on Lamp In conclusion, transforming your tiny desk into an inspiring workspace is easier than you think! By keeping it minimal, tidying up, improving your ergonomics, trying a trackball, looking up and down, and getting a monitor stand, you'll be able to create a comfortable and productive workspace that will inspire you to do your best work.

Happy working! 

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