The super NEW and IMPROVED Dygma Raise keyboards now available. Buy it now and receive it in 3-5 working days. ✈️ 📦

The super NEW and IMPROVED Dygma Raise keyboards now available. Buy it now and receive it in 3-5 working days. ✈️ 📦

Huble 2.0 Update

by dygma on February 10, 2018
[embed][/embed] We are working in a new version Raise's cable, the Huble. We're trying to improve the design and functionality based on our Kickstarter backers' feedback. In the previous Huble version the three cables and the plastic piece where all integrated in a long cable. The new version is different. The case that contains the PCB and the microprocessor is made of aluminium and the cables have USB-C connectors in both sides. All cables are detachable on both sides. You can unplug them from the Huble and the keyboard or computer. During the development of this new version we’ve the dimension changes have been a challenge. We've made multiple prototypes tweacking several times the length, width and curves until we’ve reached the smallest (and aesthetically appealing) design. All connectors and electronic components fit perfectly.   The electronic side was a challenge too. The PCB of the first Huble was two-sided board and the new version it’s only a one-sided board. It’s cheaper to produce but it's also more difficult to design. We've also improved the materials and the overall build quality of the Huble. We’ve decided on having the same anodized finishing and matching color as the Raise aluminium body. Our next step is to create a functional prototype. We need to build the PCB with the correct dimensions to fit the new case and do a high quality 3D printed case of the Hubble. If everything is fine, then we will do the prototype with an aluminium case and translucent logo. We have already quoted the price of the new Huble design with the factories. As soon as we have the final working prototype we show it to you. And if the response is positive, we will be able to mass produce it.
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by Damir some time ago

I agree with John here, there should be enough space INSIDE one of the half’s to fit the Huble unit, and add a USB-C port to go the the other half. OR, here’s my crazy idea (just now I’m really close on ordering one, but stopped at the last second to type this), put a “slot” at the underside of each half to house the Huble unit INSIDE the keyboard. The USB-C port on each half are to connect to each other. If you need the main USB cable to be on the left half, put the Huble unit inside of the left half or the otherway around. This way, we have LESS thing to break, and the Huble unit is SAFELY stored within the keyboard it self. Less thing to break, more elegant IMHO, and I will order 2 if it does that !! Do contact me if you interested in exploring my idea.

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

Hey John sorry for this late reply. The Huble is the brain of the keyboard; the microprocessor and memory is inside it. It is important because with it, we are able to remove the left half (of the keyboard), and have the right half keep working or the vice versa. That is mainly why we need it as an external piece.

by Deilor some time ago

Thank you very much Luca! It’s what we try :)

by John some time ago

Why do you need an ugly and cumbersome junction box anyways. Build that pcb components into the keyboard. I’m sure there is space in there. One wire into the left side keyboard. One wire out of the keyboard to the right half.

by Luca some time ago

I truly like the transparency of this project, going as far as interviewing the real people that are working on it.
Good job also in not having plastic pieces that could lower the premium quality feeling of the keyboard.
Keep up the good job guys!