Set up

Time to Set Up this Ergonomic Powerhouse!

The set up experience is different based on whether you purchased the cable or wireless version


If you purchased the wireless version, your first task will be deciding which wireless method you'd like use: Bluetooth or 2.4 Ghz RF

2.4Ghz RF

RF is for serious people only. Just kidding! But, if you're looking to play competitive games in which low latency is important, then switching to RF may be the right choice.

Step 1: Turn your Raise 2 on

There's a small switch on the back of each side!

Step 2: Connect the Neuron to your PC

Connect the Neuron to the PC using one of the USB-C to C cables. If you don't have a USB-C slot on your computer, we have provided a USB-C to A adapter in your travel case.

Step 3: It's connected, Enjoy!

It's as easy as plug & play! Now go slay 'em!


Bluetooth is the easiest way to connect your wireless Raise 2, It's suitable for the majority of tasks, not to mention- effortless.

Step 1: Turn your Raise 2 on

There's a small switch on the back of each side!

Step 2: Plug the Neuron into the Raise 2

There's a designated cozy spot for your Neuron on the back left side of your Raise 2. Make sure it's plugged into this spot and we're good for the next step.

Step 3: Connect and Enjoy!

Your Dygma Raise 2 will begin pairing as soon as it's been plugged into the back, so go over to your computer and find the device named 'Raise 2 BLE' then click to connect.

A number will pop up on the screen. Press those numbers on the keyboard and you're good to go

Connecting multiple devices

You can now pair the Raise 2 with up to 5 Bluetooth devices and easily swap between them, thanks to the new UI on the keyboard itself.

Step 1: Plug in Neuron

When you plug the Neuron into the back of the keyboard, you'll see five blue lights light up in the number row on both halves. Each one represents one device.

Step 2: Select desired channel

Select the desired channel and it'll start pulsing. Then go to your chosen device and select it in the Bluetooth preferences. It'll show the name you assigned to your keyboard and the channel.

Once you have connected, this will be the activated channel for the device you chose.

Step 3: Assigned channels

Once you've assigned multiple devices, you'll start seeing more colors in that UI:

- Green means active channel
- White means assigned channel
- Blue means available channel
- Red disconnects the channel

Step 4: Resetting channels

Holding the red key under each channel will reset the connection to your device


Connecting the keyboard wired is also extremely simple.

Step 1: Connect sides to Neuron

Connect the short USB C to C from each keyboard side to the Neuron. You can also use the longer USB C to C cable if you want to split your keyboard further apart.

Step 2: Connect Neuron to PC

Connect the wider side of the Neuron to the computer using the long USB C to C cable. Make sure you connect the Defy directly to your computer. Avoid USB hubs and KVMs.

Step 3: It's connected, Enjoy!

It's as easy as plug & play! Now go slay 'em!