Ergonomics 101

Feel comfortable with the Raise 2

One of the most significant advantages of the Dygma Raise 2 is that it can improve your comfort without losing a smidge of style.

The key to that is its split design, allowing you to keep your hands aligned with your wrists, push your shoulders back and keep your back straight.

Here are different ways you can split your Dygma Raise 2 for maximum comfort.

Angled Split

Let’s start simple and position both halves almost together but angled inwards. Just tilt the sides until your hands are aligned with your forearms.

This position is common for beginners or small desks, and it’s already a significant improvement over a traditional keyboard

Now your wrists are no longer bent outwards, one of the main reasons you felt pain while typing or gaming.

Small Split

If you continue to split both halves, your chest opens even more, rotating your shoulders backward and helping you keep your back straight without effort.

Medium Split

A small split makes the keyboard use a lot of desk space, pushing your mouse away. If you don’t like that, we have a solution: split both halves more, and place the mouse in the middle.

Get creative with this space; you can also place a trackpad, your coffee or even your lunch while you're on a break!

Shoulder Split

Place the halves of the keyboard in front of your shoulders or even a bit further apart.

You’ll instantly notice that your chest opens up, and your back is now straight.

In this scenario, you don’t usually need to rotate the keyboard inwards: your wrists will naturally be aligned with your forearms.

This configuration uses a lot of the desk but gives you heaps of space for your mouse in the middle. You can even place a big drawing tablet. Or your pet.

Only one half

What if you only want to use one half? Here’s a simple tip : position your mouse, trackpad, or drawing tablet like you would place the missing half of the keyboard.

That way, you can avoid adopting weird positions that'll start hurting after a while.

Great, but what if I got tenting?

This video will explain how to adjust your setup and posture for best results