Getting started

Get ready to enjoy your Raise!

Welcome, Dygmate!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to get acquainted with your brand-new Dygma Raise.

Of course, we'll guide you from the moment you open the box to the glorious day you master every feature the Dygma Raise offers.

Let's begin with the always joyful moment of unboxing 📦

🎁 What's in the box

Inside your package, you'll find a premium travel case with the keyboard and all its accessories and an enhancement kit with extra goodies.

Dygma Raise &
Travel case

Dygma Raise Keyboard
Valued at $29
Enhancement kit
1x Keycap and switcher puller
140x O-rings (Thick & Thin)
8x Test switches
1x Microfiber cloth
1x Crap remover

Enhancement kit



Valued at $35
Set of Palm Pads

Set of Palm Pads

1x 1.5m USB-A to USB-C Cable
1x 50cm USB-C to USB-C Cable
2x 20cm USB-C to USB-C Cable