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In this page, you will find all the information you need to setup your Dygma Raise.

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Your raise enhancement kit

Quickstart guide to your default layers


*The language of this layout is US-English.

Let’s get started

How to connect the keyboard

  • Connect the 2 short cables to the Neuron and to each side of the Raise
  • Connect the 1 long cable to your computer and to the Neuron

How to use the palm pads

  • Remove the film from underneath the palm pads
  • Place the left palm pad onto the left palm rest and do the same for the right half
  • To remove, gently lift up the corners and pull

How to split your raise

  • To split the keyboard, hold both halves firmly and pull each side away from the other.

How to attach your raise

  • To attach the keyboard, make sure you align the metal pins found at the joint of the keyboard.
  • It’s easier done if you align the top pins first.

Keycaps and switches

Be careful when removing the keycaps and the switches. Make sure you use the proper tools. But most of all, be extra careful when mounting the switches onto the keyboard.

How to remove the keycaps

  • When removing the keycaps, simply secure the keycap with the keycap puller and pull gently.
  • Use your other hand to hold down the keyboard.

How to remove the switches

  • When removing the switches, use the switch puller. Unclip the top and bottom clips while pulling up gently.
  • The low profile switches are more difficult to remove. When removing them, make sure you clip the sides. 
  • Be careful not to scratch the keyboard with the puller.

How to mount switches

⚠️BE VERY CAREFUL when mounting the switches! If you feel a lot of resistance, don’t continue pushing. If you push too hard, you could break an electronic component and void the warranty.
  • When mounting the switches, align the pins and insert them into the correct holes. The same applies to the low profile switches.
  • Be careful not to bend the metal pins when mounting the switches.
  • While fitting the switches, do it gently. If you feel a lot of resistance, don’t continue pushing. If you push too hard you could break an electronic component and void the warranty.
  • The hole on the switch where the LED light shines through should be at the top.

How to mount o-rings

O-rings dampen the sound your keycaps make when they hit the upper housing of the switch. They also cushion the feeling of your keypress.

  1. Remove the keycaps from the keyboard.
  2. Insert the o-rings inside the keycap.
  3. Make sure the o-rings are pushed far back inside the keycap.

Note: O-rings are not compatible with low profile keycaps.


How to wash the palm pads

  • Wash the palm pads manually with cold water.
  • Do not put the palm pads in the washing machine.
  • The palm pads can be cleaned only with normal hand soap.
  • To dry, tap it with cloth.

What to do if you accidentally bend the metal pins

  • If you accidentally bend the pins, the key won’t work.
  • If this happens, use something like a pair of tweezers to straighten the pins.

Bazecor - Dygma Raise configurator software

Bazecor is officially on beta Version 0.3.3.

There will be frequent software and firmware updates. We will keep you informed through social media and email once they’ve been launched.

We are aware there may be some features that still do not work as intended, but we’re working hard to fix everything as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you find a bug, have a feature suggestion or have questions.

Bazecor is open-source. You can access our code in Github and if you would like to provide feedback, give suggestions or add features you can add them here


Windows 10 Download

Version 0.3.3

Mac Download

Version 0.3.3

Linux Download

Version 0.3.3

Make sure to flash your keyboard's firmware after downloading Bazecor.

Opening Bazecor

‘SCAN KEYBOARDS’ is designed for when you have two or more Raise keyboards connected. This lets you choose which one you want to configure.

If you have only one Raise connected to your computer, click ‘CONNECT’ to go to the Layout & Colormap Editor.

Layout & Colormap editor

This is where you can configure your keyboard’s functions and lights.

Firmware Update

The Firmware is the internal software of the keyboard. To implement new features on the keyboard we will need to update it from time to time. 

Select Another Keyboard

You can select another Raise keyboard and connect it to Bazecor. 


  • Show hardcoded layers is a troubleshooting aid
  • Use custom layers only must be active so you see the ones you’ve created.
  • Default layer is the layer you want as a default.
  • Idle time before LEDs turn off enables users to select the time LEDs will turn off after inactivity.
  • Adjust LED brightness will adjust the brightness of the underglow and backlights.

Software update – Currently disabled. Once we have an update, you will be notified.

Bazecor Support page – Redirects to Set Up My Raise

Send feedback – Use this form to give feedback or ask questions about Bazecor.

Layout & Colormap Editor - this is where the magic happens.

You can create 10 fancy layouts with different color and keymap configurations.


When you make any modification in the Layout & Colormap Editor, the top part of the screen will turn pink. This is to highlight that a change has been done in your layout but hasn’t been saved yet. To save a change, click the round button on the bottom right corner.


Changing the language in Bazecor won’t change your language in your operating system.

If your Windows language is English UK and your Bazecor Language is Spanish, when you press the Ñ’’ key you will write ‘;’. 

That’s because the Bazecor language is only a visual aid to make the layout configuration process easier. It doesn’t modify the language options in your operating system.

Be aware that Bazecor only has the languages of the keycaps we offer. If the operating system language and the Bazecor language do not match, the keys that you configure and write won’t match.


You can configure up to 10 layers. Each key backlight and each LED of the underglow can be configured individually. You can import and export layer configurations, copy layer configurations to another, clear layers, and backup all layers.

Importing layers

Exporting layers

Copying layers

Deleting layers

Backup layers

Reminder: Backing up your layers does not back up your macros.

Layout configurator

Key config

Most functions on keyboards are self-explanatory. The ones below are the less common functions or are more Raise specific: 


  • APP: This is the Menu key. It is usually located between the Windows and control keys on the right side.


  • Right and left CONTROL work the same way.
  • Right and left SHIFT work the same way.
  • LEFT ALT works as ALT. RIGHT ALT is ALT GR for the languages that have ALT GR.

LED Effects

  • NEXT and PREV cycle through the LED effects.

IMPORTANT: The LED effects contain a few colors and effects such as rainbow and breathing. When rotating through the LED effects, have in mind that the chosen LED effect will apply to all layers. Until you don’t finish cycling through all the effects you won’t be able to edit your custom LED layer.

  • TOGGLE will turn your LEDs on and off.


  • NO KEY This is a blank key that does not have any function.
  • TRANS A transparent key will function as the key in the same location in the previous active layer.

TRANS TIP: Imagine you have layer 0 and 1. On layer 0 you have A, and on the same position on layer 1 you have TRANS. On layer 1, pressing that key, will result in A.

Shift to Layer, Move to Layer, One-shot Layers, Dual-function keys

There are multiple keys that you won't find in regular keyboards. These keys will help you bring your workflow and gameplay to the next level.

  • SHIFT TO LAYER keys work by pressing and holding the key. While holding it, you’ll be able to use any key on the layer you shifted to. When you release it, you’ll go back to the initial layer.
  • MOVE TO LAYER keys will change your layer to the one you’ve assigned. This works by tapping the Move to Layer key once.
    For example, if you want to go from Layer 0 to Layer 1 you will need:
    1. In Layer 0, to set up a key as "Move to Layer 1"
    2. In Layer 1, to set up a key as "Move to Layer 0"
  • ONE-SHOT LAYER keys combine the Shift to Layer functionality and two more:
    1. Press and hold it and it will work as a Shift to Layer key.
    2. Single-tap: the next keypress will be affected by the layer shifting. After that keypress, you are back to the initial layer.
    3. Double-tap it and you will stay on the new layer until you tap the OSL key again.
  • DUAL-FUNCTION KEYS There are two types of actions you can do with these keys: holding and tapping. A dual-function key is one that combines both. This is very handy because it allows you to have two functions in one key.

Colormap editor

The UNDERGLOW and BACKLIGHT buttons will allow you to quickly change the colors of your Raise.


If you want to report an issue or have any questions, please send us an email at

My number pad keys don’t work properly.

If you have a keyboard connected that has a number pad (laptop keyboard counts too), you will need to press the “numlock” key on the non-Raise keyboard. Once you press it, all number pad keys will be activated for all keyboards connected to your computer

If you don’t have another keyboard plugged in, your number pad keys should function.

I’ve deleted my layout by accident. How can I recover it?

You can’t recover a layer that you’ve deleted. We recommend you to export your custom layouts so you can always import them back in any case. 

Download Default Layer 0 and Default Layer 1. These layers will work in any Operating System and for every language.

The letters and symbols I’ve configured aren’t the same ones I see when typing.

First, check if you can match the Bazecor language (bottom left tab) with your operating system language. If it matches, this should solve the problem.

If your operating system language and Bazecor language don’t match, the characters that you configure in Bazecor won’t be the ones you see on your screen when you type.

The reason is that each character is assigned to a code that is assigned to a location on the keyboard.

The lights on my keyboard are stuck in one color and I can't change them.

Press the ‘LEDEFF NEXT’ button to cycle through the LED color options. It’s possible that you selected the next set of default LED colors and are no longer on the default custom LED colors set.

It can also happen that after pressing ‘LEDEFF NEXT’ you pressed ‘LOCK TO 1’ and changed to Layer 1. This means you need to go back to Layer 0 to be able to cycle through the LED colors again.

In this short video, we explain how to go back to Layer 0 and cycle through the different LED colors.

I feel a bit of soreness in my thumbs from using the Raise. Is this normal?

If you have multiple high-frequency keys, you might feel slight pain or soreness in your thumbs. This is because you’ve never used your two thumbs the way you’ve used the rest of the fingers when typing. The soreness should disappear after 1-2 weeks.

Our advice is to not set up multiple high-frequency keys in the same thumb cluster when starting. For example, don’t place backspace and space next to each other when getting used to the thumb keys.

If you have more concerns, contact us so we can advise you on your layout.

I can't open Bazecor on my Mac because the developer can't be verified.

While waiting for Bazecor to be verified, you can open it following these steps:

  1. In the Finder on your Mac, locate the app you want to open.
    Don’t use Launchpad to do this. Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu.
  2. Control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.
  3. Click Open.

The app is saved as an exception to your security settings, and you can open it in the future by double-clicking it just as you can with any registered app.


2-year warranty and repair service.

If you have purchased a Raise from or an authorized distributor, your keyboard is covered by a two-year warranty for parts replacement and labor repairs from date of purchase.

Opening your keyboard does not void your warranty.

The act of unscrewing the parts of your Raise, does not void your warranty. Be careful when doing this, as there are sensitive electronics inside. If you tamper with the electronics and damage them, this will void your warranty.

Replacing or updating your keyboard’s firmware does not void your warranty.

The Raise’s firmware is open source. You are free to modify it and, if you wish, share your changes. If you have any problems updating or modifying the firmware, please drop us a message and we can walk you through recovery procedures.

It is possible that customizing the firmware might destroy your keyboard. If your custom firmware is incorrect and it destroys your keyboard, this voids your warranty.

What voids my Raise warranty?

Any damage that is caused by misuse, abuse or accident, including liquid contact, fire or environmental causes.

Contact us about repairs.

If your keyboard stops working, contact us at and we’ll help you figure out the best way to get you back up to speed.

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