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Dygma Raise 2

$459 $299
During the launch campaign, the base Raise 2 will cost $299 (that's a $70 discount over retail) and each add-on (wireless, tenting or underglow) will cost $70. If you become a VIP, you can get one of those add-ons for free, as well as free shipping. Here's the full pricing.
The Raise 2 campaign will launch on March 26. As a VIP, you'll receive an exclusive email to get early access and be the first to get your keyboard. The campaign will run for 30 days, until April 25. Shipping in October.
If you pre-reserve your Raise 2 and become a VIP, you'll get a FREE add-on for your keyboard (wireless, tenting or underglow) valued at $70, FREE shipping, and early access when the campaign launches.
How can I choose my free VIP add-on?
Can I cancel my pre-reserve and get my $5 back?
I want to pre-reserve two Raise 2. Do I need to get two VIP passes?
I'm sorry, you can't stack VIP passes 😅 You can get one free add-on per keyboard but not two free add-ons for one keyboard.
You have until the campaign launches on March 26 to pre-reserve the Dygma Raise 2 and become a VIP.
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Powerful Wireless Connectivity

Get rid of the cables, keep the speed. Connect the Raise to up to 5 devices via Bluetooth or use RF for competitive low-latency.

Integrated Tenting up to 60°

Rest your hands in a more natural position, enhancing comfort for long typing, editing, or gaming sessions. And then fold it for easy transport.
Image of the Raise 2 tilted displaying tenting

Expansion ready

Customize and upgrade your Dygma Raise by connecting powerful add-ons that we're developing to transform your ergonomic experience.

Image of POGO pins Raise 2 add on feature


No two of us are identical, so why should our keyboards be all the same?

Our configurator software allows for almost any customization you can imagine. Make your keyboard your own with layers, macros, combo keys and much more thanks to its intuitive interface.

Image of Raise 2 Bazecor layers

Premium Magnetic Palm Pads

Our magnetic premium palm pads will keep your wrists clouded in comfort and prevent wrist extension injuries.

RGBW Backlight & Underglow

Increase your performance by highlighting specific keys with precise per-key RGBW backlight. Plus, with the optional ultra-bright RGBW underglow, you'll know which layer you're on just by its reflection.

Iconic Thumbcluster Design

Now your strongest fingers are in charge, helping you improve your productivity and reduce pinky usage. You can use the thumb keys for space, enter, backspace, ctrl, alt, delete… or to easily access your layers!
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Prices and combinations

Features Retail Pre-order VIP Prices Saving
Wired $369 $299 N/A $70
Wired + Tenting $449 $369 $299 $150
Wireless $459 $369 $299 $160
Wireless + Tenting $539 $439 $369 $170
Wireless + Tenting + Underglow $619 $509 $439 $180

What's included 10

Dygma Raise 2 Keyboard

Dygma Raise 2 Keyboard

Valued at $29
Dygma Defy Keyboard
1x Keycap and switch puller
140x O-rings (Thick & Thin)
8x Test switches
1x Microfiber cloth
1x Crap remover

Enhancement kit

Valued at $59
Travel Case - Open
Travel Case - Black

Travel Case



Valued at $35
Set of Palm Pads

Set of Palm Pads

Dygma Defy Cables
1x 1.5m USB-C to USB-C Cable
1x 50cm USB-C to USB-C Cable
2x 30cm USB-C to USB-C Cable
1x USB-C to USB-A Adaptor


Technical FAQs

The Raise 2 can be equipped with integrated tenting, wireless connectivity and RGBW underglow. If you are a VIP, you can get one of them for free 😊
You can pair up to 5 Bluetooth devices to your Raise 2 and easily swap between them with the press of a key.
Yes, the wireless Raise 2 can be used via Bluetooth, low-latency RF and also connected via cables.
With the current firmware, the Raise 2 lasts up to 20 hours with full LED brightness. With brightness at 30%, you can expect a week, and without LEDs, a bit over that. However, we are working to vastly improve that with future firmware updates.
No. The tenting on the Raise 2 folds into the body making the keyboard flush with the table when it's folded.
The base of the keyboard is quite different depending on your configuration, so it's not possible to install add-ons such as wireless, tenting or underglow afterward.
Yes, you can. The software is only required to make changes to the layout. Once those are made, they are stored in the Neuron; that way, you can enjoy them on any device you use.
Yes. All Raise 2 will come equipped with per-key RGBW. The underglow is just the LEDs on the perimeter of the keyboard
Yes, our configurator software is compatible with macOS, Linux and even Windows.
Yes. The Dygma Raise 2 is hot-swappable, meaning you can use any 3-pin or 5-pin switch with an MX stem (which are most of them).
The Raise 2 will be available with legends in multiple layouts, including English US, English UK, Spanish, Nordic, German and Dash.
Yes, you can. Just make sure that they are MX stem compatible (most of them are). However, note that the Dygma Raise 2 thumbkeys are custom-made, so you won't find custom keycaps for those.
The palm pads are made of silicone with a vegan leather cover. They are held in place with magnets, so it's safe to remove and clean them with lukewarm water and soap.
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Become a VIP and get a free add-on for only $5