Give it some wings

Congratulations! I see you've decided to step up your keyboard –literally.

The tenting mechanism for the Dygma Defy has 12 different angle positions including tenting, reverse tilting and a combinatio of both.

With that in mind, let's take a look how to set up all the different angles.

First, take a look at this diagram to get accustomed to the anatomy of the Defy.

This will help you understand how to set up your tenting correctly.

Main Tenting

Step 1: Extend the side legs

This is a very important step, without it, the Defy will not tent correctly, so make sure the side legs are flipped into the side. This changes as we begin to combine reverse tilting with the main tenting legs but well dive into that in the next section

Step 2: Choose your angle

Under the main tenting leg rods you'll find a selection of angle numbers that range from 5 to 60º.

Make sure that the angles match on both legs so your Defy doesn't wobble 😅

Step 3: Place rods into angle

Place both leg rods into your chosen angle and spin that bad boy back around.

You're now ready to slay, free of pain!

Reverse Tilting

Step 1: Flip the Reverse tilting legs

It's time to flip the switch on the reverse tilting legs. Make sure you are using A or B for this first step.

Step 2: Place the Main tenting leg

It's important that the main tenting leg close to the reverse tilting leg is placed at 5 (A) or 10 (B) degrees in order for the reverse tilting to be correctly configured.

Note: The side legs used for main tenting must be tucked in for all reverse tilting angles.

Step 3: Extra combinations

You may also use C and D to create reverse tilting and tenting combinations.

For this combination you must have both main tenting legs and the reverse tilting leg placed on C or D.