MORE keyboards, MORE features, MORE passion... Dygma News #16

MORE keyboards, MORE features, MORE passion... Dygma News #16

As you know, at Dygma, we always want more, and that's why this Dygma News is full of MORES!

There are more keyboards shipping, more features, more discounts, more bugs?! No, no, wait, we have fewer of those... phew 😅

New Bazecor 1.3.8 and new firmware

Let's start with the new Bazecor 1.3.8 we just launched, which also comes with new firmware for the Defy and the Raise.

This new release includes A TON of bug fixing. If you want to check the entire backlog, be our guest and check our GitHub

We've also added some quality-of-life improvements, for example, a button to clear macros and better navigation while editing them. But my favorite is that backing up your layers now restores the names of your layers, macros, and superkeys.

Improved macros for the Dygma keyboards

However, most of the new features are in the latest 1.2.0 firmware for the Defy and 1.0.11 for the Raise.

New deep sleep mode

We've included a new deep sleep mode that vastly increases battery life once activated. The only caveat is that you need to wake each side of the keyboard independently by pressing any key except the outer columns.

deep-sleep mode bazecor

Why is it this way? Well, the devs explained it to me, but we'd need a separate article to explain it to you. 

Bluetooth Mode while wired

Another treat is that you can now force Bluetooth mode while wired. You only need to press the Bluetooth status button. This is really useful if you are using your keyboard wired to your computer and want to switch to another device, like your phone.

forcing bluetooth mode

To go back to wired mode, press the top-left key. The one that's usually ESC.

We've also added a man-in-the-middle encryption for Bluetooth. A 6-digit password will pop up on your device's screen, and you'll need to type it on your keyboard to connect.

This ensures that nobody can hack the connection while it's pairing, which is when it's most vulnerable.

Improved Latency

wired mode latency

For the gamers out there, we've also improved the latency of the Defy by 6ms in all modes.

In wired mode, we had a latency of 9.5ms, and now we have 3.4ms! Almost a third less!

Wireless RF latency for the Dygma Defy

For wireless RF, which was over 14ms, we now have an average of 7.5ms. That's cutting it in half!

For Bluetooth, we have an average of 22ms, which is more than enough for regular use. For reference, the Apple Magic keyboard and the Keychron K1 have around 40ms.

bluetooth mode

Of course, we don't want to stop there. Our devs believe we can get wired latency under 3ms and RF under 6ms.

Fast Superkeys

And if you think this is great news... we've left the best for last: Introducing Fast Superkeys.

We've completely redesigned how Superkeys work and addressed all the little annoyances limiting their functionality.

superkeys in bazecor

As a reminder, Superkeys allows you to bind up to 5 functions to a key. You can have different functions on tap, hold, tap and hold, double-tap, and double-tap and hold.

For example, now you can add shift to layer on hold. But most importantly, if you only have assigned a tap and a hold function, the superkey won't wait to see if you will perform a double tap. That way, they are much, much faster, so you can use them like dual-function keys on steroids.

Superkeys shift

These new Superkeys are also available for the Raise and Defy; flash the latest firmware, and you'll be set.

We've also fixed many bugs: now you can combine hold functions from multiple superkeys (applicable with modifiers) and chord or repeat superkeys.

There's a lot of improvement ahead, but this is a significant step forward. We'd love you to test them and give us your feedback.

Please download the new Bazecor here, flash the new firmware and let us know what you think. 

When you update the firmware, your layers might not be restored, but don't worry: you can restore a backup from your preferences menu.

Also, you might need to activate the "Show Beta firmware" option in the preferences menu to see the new firmware.

More keyboards and discounts

More Defy keyboards shipping

We have shipped virtually all full-spec black keyboards (meaning with tenting, wireless, and underglow), and we'll finish all full-spec silver keyboards this and next week.

We've also started shipping non-full spec keyboards and orders that include extras like additional switches or keycaps. Those two will continue shipping over the next two weeks.

Limited edition keyboard colors

For limited edition keyboards, we'll start shipping them next week, but they will extend for three weeks, as many of them need to be custom-built here in Spain. If you have a limited edition keyboard, you have a big chance that your keyboard is one of a kind, but it also means that assembling it is a pain in the derriere.

Finally, we'll also custom-build and ship special orders from Spain (those with a rare keycap and switch combination or lots of extras) and the most recent orders (those made in October and November).

Here's an updated timeline:


If you haven't bought a Defy yet, don't miss out on your chance to get it at a discount. Until November 27, you can get a Defy at 10% off.

Go to and customize it to your liking!

Dygma Defy

When there, you'll notice that we've introduced some changes to the configurator. We've focused on our most sold configurations to ensure that we can steadily manufacture and ship this new batch of keyboards.

Of course, you can still choose between black and silver, but we removed the limited edition, the special colors, and some combination of add-ons.

We've also decided to manufacture keyboards only in US English and Dash keycaps and assemble them with the most sold switches: Kailh Silent Brown for tactile, Gateron Yellow G pro 3.0 for linear, and Kailh Box White for clicky.

But don't worry; we're now offering international keycap sets and extra switches at a 50% discount with your order. So you can get your favorite switch or keycap for a bargain.

International keycaps

We would have loved to keep all the personalization options for the Defy, but we've come to the realization that offering 6048 different configurations as we did was not worth all the delays, manufacturing, and shipping nightmares that it caused.

If you're more of a Raise person, then you have two options:

  • Get an OG Raise now at 20% off - You'll get it in just 3 to 5 days!
  • Or... subscribe to the Raise 2 newsletter at to know everything about it and get the best deals once the pre-sale opens in early 2024.

The Raise 2

The Raise 2 inherits all the awesome features from the Defy, like wireless capabilities, built-in tenting, and RGBW under-glow, while keeping the 60% layout and detachable form factor that many of you love.

If you're indecisive between the Raise and the Defy, check out this other video where we compare them both!

And that's that. Don't forget to visit to check our Black Friday deals (we've also got 20% off all accessories), and subscribe to the YouTube channel. Dominique needs her chocolates!!!

Thank you again for all your support!   

Au revoir 🥖

- The Dygma Team 

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