New? Dygma Joint

As you might have guessed by now, this was an April Fool's Day joke –sorry, not sorry 😊

The Dygma Joint does not exist. We just "rebadged" a Logitech K860 😅

We still firmly believe that a fully-split, programmable and highly customizable mechanical keyboard –like the Dygma Raise or the Dygma Defy is the way to go for ergonomics.

That said, a keyboard like the Logitech can play a role in the early stages of your ergonomic keyboard journey –watch the video below if you're interested in that– so you never know... But we'd definitely make it cooler 😎

Dygma Defy

9 different
mechanical switches
Travel case & Enhancement kit

Dygma Raise 2

Travel case & Enhancement kit

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