Divide & Conquer

The Dygma Raise gaming keyboard takes a new approach on how innovation and ergonomics can raise your game and protect your health.

  • This thing absolutely SLAPS. It's going to take a while to really figure out how to set up my layers in the best way but this is a game-changer.

    AriKohn Twitter
  • Would recommend! You can completely disconnect one side to have ton of mouse space. I have a layer for Warzone with the weird keybinds on the thumb keys.

    BJ Wafer Discord
  • It's way more comfortable than expected and very stable despite me MASHING on the keyboard in intense RPG/FPS fights.

    Nightfoxx Discord

Be faster with an 8 key thumb cluster

Why use your strongest finger to press just one giant spacebar?

With 8 thumb keys, you can have your most used keystrokes and macros at right under your thumb; ready to fire.

Make more room for your mouse with a fully detachable keyboard

Ever found yourself tilting the keyboard in weird angles to make room for your mouse

Unlike other keyboards, each half of the the Raise is completely independent, so you can detach it and leave loads of space for your mouse, even if you're left handed.

Rek n00bs lol

With a fully-programmable keyboard you can customize every key and add shortcuts and macros wherever you want. Everything will take less time and you can take your enemy by surprise.

Comfort and speed with the ultimate ergonomics

Gamers can suffer from repetitive strain injuries, also known as RSI.

The Dygma Raise lets you adopt a more natural position, avoiding injuries and improving your performance at the same time.

Reduce wrist extension with an ergonomic keyboard

Enjoy long gaming sessions with better wrist support

During long gaming sessions, you need to keep your health in mind.

Thanks to its palm pads, the Dygma Raise lets your hand rest comfortably, reducing wrist extension and letting you game all day and all night.

(Disclaimer: don’t do this)

An ergonomic keyboard for the best gaming experience

Combos never fail
with NKRO

Being sure that every keystroke goes in gives you that extra confidence when it counts.

With full N-Key RollOver you’ll never see ghosting on your Dygma Raise.

Better feedback from state-of-the-art mechanical switches.

Choosing the right switches is crucial to your gaming experience.

The Raise is hot-swappable, so you can change them whenever you want. It also has a 1000hz polling rate and NKRO to ensure maximum responsiveness.

Have the coolest keyboard around with fully-customizable RGB

Make your keyboard look cool with fully-customizable underglow.

Plus, you can use the backlight strategically to highlight keys on your current layer, and access menus faster.

  • "Seriously the raise is so fucking good. Cant believe i found my actual keyboard endgame. I have no idea how they could improve it."

    u/Ashtefere Reddit
  • I really like my @DygmaLab keyboard. They have plenty of configuration options. If they don't have the switches you like they are replaceable with a simple tool. I installed Kailh box jades in mine.

    Ukiah S Twitter
  • I gotta say, the thumb cluster feels amazing ! Coming from the moonlander, it feels way better to use and less stretching of the thumb.😄

    beaussan Discord
  • “It's truly a breath of fresh air for a tech product. Highly customizable, modular, and with an open-source software.”

    Ergonomic keyboard reviewer - jonkori
    Jonikori Discord
  • “Thanks for making this masterpiece! I own several mechanical keyboards, and this one is by far the best.”

    Alberto H Youtube
  • “I’ve had the keyboard for a year now. I couldn’t imagine going back to traditional keyboard.”

    L_ouie_M Twitter
  • Adaptability and speed

    For every game you can program the Dygma Raise to give you faster access to maps, menus, and shortcuts. Gain the advantage and get your keys under your fingertips.

  • Customized keystrokes

    With our configurator software you can quickly edit keys, layers, and build your own keystrokes and patterns unique to every game. Use macros and superkeys to enhance your performance.

  • Level up your Game

    A keyboard made by champions

    After moving on as head coach of LOL Fnatic, Luis "Deilor" Sevilla wanted to create a keyboard that would change the way gaming keyboards are designed. The result is the awesome Dygma Raise.

  • Detachable Design

    Split your keyboard for maximum comfort

  • 8 Space (thumb) keys

    Make use of your thumbs and improve your performance

  • Multiple Layers

    You can have one customized for each game

  • RGB LED Lighting

    Choose from up to millions of colors

  • dygma raise travel case

    Portable Travel Case

    When you're on the go, go in style

  • Optional Tenting Kit

    Upgrade your Raise with a tenting kit for the ultimate ergonomics

  • Mechanical Switches

    Choose the right switches for your gaming style

  • Shorcuts programmable keyboard

    Fully programmable

    Use Bazecor to customize your Raise to suit your needs

Dygma Raise split keyboard

Create your Raise

Matte black or silver white

6 languages

9 different mechanical switches

Compact travel case and enhancement kit

Free express worldwide shipping

2-year warranty

30-day return

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