The Dygma Raise
ergonomic split keyboard

Bringing leading design, innovation, and ergonomics to improve your comfort and performance.
Introducing the Dygma Raise.

  • “It's truly a breath of fresh air for a tech product. Highly customizable, modular, and with an open-source software.”

    Ergonomic keyboard reviewer - jonkori
    Jonikori Discord
  • “Thanks for making this masterpiece! I own several mechanical keyboards, and this one is by far the best.”

    Alberto H Youtube
  • “I’ve had the keyboard for a year now. I couldn’t imagine going back to traditional keyboard.”

    L_ouie_M Twitter
Ergonomic keyboard perfect posture

Improve your posture with an ergonomic design

If you ever feel pain in your back, wrists, arms or shoulders, it might be because of the way you place your hands on the keyboard, causing Ulnar Deviation.

The Dygma Raise split keyboard has an ergonomic design that lets your wrists rest aligned with your forearms, improving your overall position and reducing pain and discomfort.

No more clutter.
One keyboard for all your needs

If you hate having one keyboard for work and another for gaming laying around, we feel you.

That's why The Dygma Raise can be used in one piece, split or even only one half. That way you can easily adapt your workstation to whatever your doing.

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Work comfortably with wrist-saving palm pads

A lot of keyboard users suffer pain from wrist extension. That's when your hands are bent upwards because of the height of the keyboard.

The palm pads help keeping your wrists and your forearms aligned.

Plus, they are really comfy and you can detach and wash them as many times as you like. They will never loose their stickiness.

Do you want to be more productive?

Remap any key and create custom layers to speed up your workflow.
Use the 8 thumbkeys to relocate high-frequency keys.

Why use a split keyboard anyway?

Dygma Raise

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What's in the box

dygma raise travel casedygma raise enhancement kit

1x Travel case including

  • 1x Dygma Raise Keyboard

  • 1x Neuron

  • 1x 150cm USB C to USB A cable

  • 2x 20cm USB C to USB C cable

  • 1x 50cm USB C to USB C cable

  • 2x Palm pads

1x Enhancement Kit including

  • 1x Keycap and switch puller

  • 70x Thin translucent O-rings

  • 70x Thick translucent O-rings

  • 1x Crap remover

  • 2x Microfiber cloth

  • 8x Test switches

Utilize your strongest finger with an 8-key thumb cluster

Why use both thumbs just to press a huge spacebar? Your strongest fingers deserve more.

With its 8 thumbkeys the Dygma Raise can be set up to make the best use of your thumbs and unravel a world of possibilities.

Easily navigate the keyboard thanks to the customizable RGB

Create custom color schemes to easily learn and remember your layouts. You can also use it to improve your touch typing technique .

The backlighting and the underglow of the Raise is fully customizable and can be set up in any color you can imagine.

Do you like to change your switches? We got you

Choosing the right switch can be overwhelming at first, but worry not: the Dygma Raise is hot-swappable, which means that you can easily change your switches whenever you feel like it.

  • This thing absolutely SLAPS. It's going to take a while to really figure out how to set up my layers in the best way but this is a game-changer.

    AriCohn Twitter
  • I can give you an answer regarding pain. I had carpal tunnel and ulnear syndrome, I almost have nothing left in 6 months because of the Dygma 😋 . So for the forearm it's great.

    Alex L Discord
  • I really like my @DygmaLab keyboard. They have plenty of configuration options. If they don't have the switches you like they are replaceable with a simple tool. I installed Kailh box jades in mine.

    Ukiah S Twitter
  • I gotta say, the thumb cluster feels amazing! Coming from the Moonlander, it feels way better to use and less stretching of the thumb 😄

    beaussan Discord
  • It's way more comfortable than expected and very stable despite me MASHING on the keyboard in intense RPG/FPS fights.

    NightFoxXIII Discord
  • Seriously the raise is so fucking good. Cant believe i found my actual keyboard endgame. I have no idea how they could improve it.

    u/Ashtefere Reddit
  • …programming at light speed

    If you are a coder, the Dygma Raise is a dream come true. It's fully-programmable with multiple layers, superkeys and macros, which makes programming faster than ever and repetitive tasks can be done in one keystroke.

  • …the ultimate gaming experience

    Wrist extension and hand pronation has ended the careers of many gamers. The Raise is designed to offer a comfortable and fully customizable keyboard that can reduce pain and improve performance while gaming.

  • split keyboard for design

    …the perfect design workstation

    Whether you are a video editor, an illustrator, or a content creator, the Raise can improve your workstation. You can split the keyboard and place a notepad or a drawing tablet, and you can also customize your layout for each program you use.

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