Due to the delay in shipment, we are extending the pre-order sale, offering a 10% discount on all Raise keyboards. Shipment will commence by the first week of August.

Due to the delay in shipment, we are extending the pre-order sale, offering a 10% discount on all Raise keyboards. Shipment will commence by the first week of August.

Untap your hidden potential with bazecor

Bazecor is what allows the Raise to pack on more functionalities. It’s like having a full-sized keyboard in a much smaller package. Let’s go through the features to understand how you can push your workflow and gameplay to the next level.

Any key anywhere

Any key is rebindable. This allows us to relocate high-frequency keys to areas that are easier to access (the Delete key to the 8-bar) or that give us more functionality without having to move our fingers from the home row (Arrows in WASD).

10 layers for all you need

Using multiple layers may seem strange, but we use them all the time without being aware of it.

Pressing Caps Lock moves you to a layer where all letters are capital. Holding Shift, gives us access to all secondary symbols and capital letters too.

You can create up to 10 fully personalized layers that will allow you to put the numpad or arrows on your home row, dedicate a layer just for Photoshop or for your favourite games.

Effortless layer navigation

Having multiple layers is only useful if you can navigate them easily. We can do this with: Shift to Layer - On the new layer while you hold the key.

Shift to Layer

Works by pressing and holding the key. While holding it, you’ll be able to use any key on the layer you shifted to. When you release it, you’ll go back to the initial layer.

TIP: This is really handy when you want to quickly access a key or short sequence. For example, when you want to press F5 to refresh the navigator or to reach your WASD arrow keys without moving your right hand from the mouse.

Move to Layer

Works by pressing and releasing the key. Until you don’t press it the second time, you won’t return to the initial layer.

TIP: This is perfect for when you want to stay in one layer for a long time. Like when you are working on spreadsheets and you have your Numpad on Layer 2. Move to Layer is better than Shift to layer here.

For Advanced Layer users: One-shot Layers

It combines the previous functionalities plus one more:

  • Press and hold and it will work as a Shift to Layer key.
  • Single-tap it will also layer shift, but only the next key that you press will be affected by the layer shifting. After that keypress, you are back to the initial layer.
  • Double-tap it and it will work as a Move to Layer key.

Fully configurable backlight and underglow

You can configure every key and every segment of the underglow (it has X). The light effects are beautiful, but the real reason they are there is to be useful for users.

Configure the backlight of specific keys to indicate what keys are where. For example, you could highlight where the Numpad is. Or where you have a special character.

Having different underglow colors in each layer gives you instant visual feedback when you navigate through layers. This comes in handy when you are getting used to them.

Get more done with dual-function keys

Tap your Caps Lock key, and all your letters become capital letters. Press and hold it down and it becomes Control!

Dual-function keys when tapped will send a character. When held, they act as a modifier. They can also act as a Layer Shifting key.

Dual-function keys shine when you combine keys and modifiers that you don’t constantly use. And the best location is the 8-bar.

In this advanced 8-bar design you can see:

  • Enter & Control
  • Delete & Alt
  • Space & Shift to Layer 1
  • Backspace & Shift to Layer 1

It may seem crazy, but once you are used to it, you won’t understand how people use both thumbs for one key.

Make it your own

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and matte black or silver-white.
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