Untap your hidden potential with Bazecor

Bazecor is what allows the Raise to pack on more functionalities. It’s like
having a full-sized keyboard in a much smaller package.

Let’s go through the features to understand how you can push your
workflow and gameplay to the next level.

Windows 10 Download

Version 0.3.3

Mac Download

Version 0.3.3

Linux Download

Version 0.3.3

Make sure to flash your keyboard's firmware after downloading Bazecor.

Any key anywhere

Any key is rebindable. This allows us to relocate high-frequency keys to areas that are easier to access (the Delete key to the 8-bar) or that give us more functionality without having to move our fingers from the home row (Arrows in WASD).

10 layers for all you need

Using multiple layers may seem strange, but we use them all the time without being aware of it.

Pressing Caps Lock moves you to a layer where all letters are capital. Holding Shift, gives us access to all secondary symbols and capital letters too.

You can create up to 10 fully personalized layers that will allow you to put the numpad or arrows on your home row, dedicate a layer just for Photoshop or for your favourite games.

Effortless layer navigation

Having multiple layers is only useful if you can navigate them easily. We can do this with:

Shift to Layer

Works by pressing and holding the key. While holding it, you’ll be able to use any key on the layer you shifted to. When you release it, you’ll go back to the initial layer.

TIP: This is really handy when you want to quickly access a key or short sequence. For example, when you want to press F5 to refresh the navigator or to reach your WASD arrow keys without moving your right hand from the mouse.

Move to Layer

Works by pressing and releasing the key. Until you don’t press it the second time, you won’t return to the initial layer.

TIP: This is perfect for when you want to stay in one layer for a long time. Like when you are working on spreadsheets and you have your Numpad on Layer 2. Move to Layer is better than Shift to layer here.

For Advanced Layer users: One-shot Layers

It combines the previous functionalities plus one more:

  • Press and hold and it will work as a Shift to Layer key.
  • Single-tap it will also layer shift, but only the next key that you press will be affected by the layer shifting. After that keypress, you are back to the initial layer.
  • Double-tap it and it will work as a Move to Layer key.

Fully configurable backlight and underglow

You can configure every key and every segment of the underglow (it has X). The light effects are beautiful, but the real reason they are there is to be useful for users.

Configure the backlight of specific keys to indicate what keys are where. For example, you could highlight where the Numpad is. Or where you have a special character.

Having different underglow colors in each layer gives you instant visual feedback when you navigate through layers. This comes in handy when you are getting used to them.

Get more done with dual-function keys

Tap your Caps Lock key, and all your letters become capital letters. Press and hold it down and it becomes Control!

Dual-function keys when tapped will send a character. When held, they act as a modifier. They can also act as a Layer Shifting key.

Dual-function keys shine when you combine keys and modifiers that you don’t constantly use. And the best location is the 8-bar.

In this advanced 8-bar design you can see:

  • Enter & Control
  • Delete & Alt
  • Space & Shift to Layer 1
  • Backspace & Shift to Layer 1

It may seem crazy, but once you are used to it, you won’t understand how people use both thumbs for one key.

Combo-keys: one finger to press them all

Imagine you could combine any number of modifiers with any key. Well, that’s possible with Combo Keys!

Pressing Control + Alt + Delete has never been so easy. Or those “insert any program name” pesky shortcuts that force you to do contortionism with your hands.

The ideal use is to have a dedicated layer for that software and put all the shortcuts close to the home row keys.

Macro keys

Macros are sequences of events (such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, and delays) that can be played back to help with repetitive tasks. They can also be used to replay sequences that are long or difficult to run.

Things to remember:

  • Always save the changes to your Raise keyboard once you've applied a macro.
  • It's advisable to put 100-300 ms delays if the action requires a program to be run.
  • If you accidentally deleted a macro from your macro list, you can simply click Cancel and open the macro editor again.

Control your media with ease

Why would anyone want dedicated physical media key buttons when you can press them without even moving your hands from the home row?

Configure your media keys in any layer in any key.

How do all of these combine?

Dominique’s layout optimized for productivity

Our Head of Communications, Dominique, walks us through her Dygma Raise setup, her Bazecor configuration, and gives us some tips on how to use the Raise so you can be more efficient with your work.

“I can also type quicker because all my most used keys or modifiers are in my thumb keys. I no longer have to awkwardly stretch out my pinky finger to erase my typos.”

Washout’s layers optimized to win trophies playing PUBG

One of our first Kickstarter backers, Riccardo “Washout” Beccaria, uses the Raise on pro PUBG events. Washout is a highly skillful player who has won many PUBG tournaments using the Raise.

“Having more keys on the spacebar is a Tier 1 Benefit. It means more actions and faster actions. You have to get used to it for a while, but with muscle memory, you’ll be able to move your fingers less and you will be able to be faster than ever.”

He uses the keyboard attached, so he can access more keys on his left half while his right hand is on the mouse.

Gaming Layer

Green Keys are for In-Game actions. White Keys are for Discord.

Gaming Layer with F keys

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

  • Spacebar -> Jump
  • , -> Vault / Climb
  • \ -> Cycle rate of fire in the current weapon (full auto – burst – single)
  • Right Alt + M added to Mute Discord
  • . -> unarm / holster weapon
  • / -> Equip Smoke Grenade
  • [ -> Open Map
  • ] -> Toggle Streamer Mode Overlay on Discord (To stream on Twitch)
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