Dygma Certified Refurbished

Every Dygma Certified Refurbished is thoroughly inspected, tested, and re-packaged to ensure you enjoy the unmatched experience of unboxing a newly forged Dygma product.

Why Refurbished?

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Why refurbished?


Reborn product. Same experience.

We want you to savor the same experience as buying our products brand new. This is why our refurbished products are extensively screened, thoroughly cleaned, and carefully re-packaged with original accessories by Dygma Experts.

Full warranty and customer support with hefty discounts

Buying a refurbished product shouldn’t mean you miss out on the benefits. That’s why we offer the same 2-year warranty and attentive customer support you would get from buying the product brand new. And you bag yourself a nice discount!

Healthier you, Healthier planet.

In addition to making our products more accessible –and saving more backs and wrists along the way– buying a Dygma Certified Refurbished Device reduces the amount of electronic waste, helping meet 2030 no-waste global goals.