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Refurbished Dygma Raise 1.4 | Black - German - Kailh Speed Copper

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Black Top Panel Color
Black Keycaps
German Layout
Kailh Speed Copper Switches

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What's in the box

1x Travel case including

  • 1x Dygma Raise Keyboard

  • 1x Neuron

  • 1x 150cm USB C to USB A cable

  • 2x 20cm USB C to USB C cable

  • 1x 50cm USB C to USB C cable

  • 2x Palm pads

1x Enhancement Kit including

  • 1x Keycap and switch puller

  • 70x Thin translucent O-rings

  • 70x Thick translucent O-rings

  • 1x Crap remover

  • 2x Microfiber cloth

  • 8x Test switches