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What are the benefits of keyboard tenting?

Keyboard tenting helps reduce hand pronation problems. It will help prevent strain in your wrists and forearms because it puts your forearms at a more neutral angle and makes them less pronated.

Studies have proven that long hours on a keyboard with hands pronated can cause pain and discomfort. If you want to learn more about its benefits, watch this video on Keyboard Tenting History and Benefits.

What will be the range of tenting?

The angle ranges from 0 to 40 degrees.

In our previous design concepts, we explored having more angle options. However, our main focus was that the tenting kit would be reliable and sturdy, and also practical.

A tenting angle of more than 40º is already going out of the limit of what a comfortable usage of a tented keyboard is. One would need to lift their hands while typing on a 90-degree angled keyboard, for example. And that's not comfortable at all.

After numerous iterations, we finally decided that 40º was the maximum angle we could get which still ensured the keyboard was stable.

How do you mount it to the keyboard?

The tenting kit comes with 10 screws (5 for each side) and a screwdriver. The user would need to remove the screws from Raise and screws in the tenting kit to the base of the keyboard. From there on it's easy and quite intuitive.

What's the tenting kit made of?

The tenting kit is made of powder-coated steel. The angle selector is made of ABS plastic which is screwed onto the steel. There are silicon parts for the feet so that the tenting kit doesn't slide off.

How heavy is the tent kit? And is it the same size as the whole keyboard base?

The tenting kit is about 500g. Yes, from the top view, it has the same dimension as the Raise.

Can you lay the tenting kit flat?

Yes, the tenting kit can be laid flat while attached to the Raise.

How much higher is the keyboard with the tenting kit attached?

The Raise is lifted up 1cm high.

What happens if a person pushes down on one, will it break or just flatten and need to be reset?

Take into account that we are talking about a steel-stamped plate. The plate is 1mm thick. If you do forcefully push it down, and I mean really push it, then what could happen is that the axle pops out and the keyboard goes flat. But the metal sheet is quite strong and resilient.

Can the tenting kit fit into the current Raise carrying case? If not, will you be making a separate carrying case for the tenting kit or a new case that can hold both the tenting kit and the Raise?

No, it doesn't fit. We don't have plans of making a separate or new case yet. But if we see that there is a demand for it, we will consider making one.

How easy are they to replace if something got broken? Could they be replaced with off-the-shelf components?

The tenting kit is very resilient. All parts are replaceable and are easy to replace. The only components you can buy off-the-shelf are the screws and axles. But for the rest, we will have those spare parts so if anything gets broken, we will be able to fix it.

When will you start shipping the tenting kits?

The first batch of pre-orders will be shipped on August 25.

The second batch of pre-orders will be shipped on September 25. We are currently selling the second batch of pre-orders.

Can I cancel my pre-order and get a full refund?

Yes, you can cancel your pre-order anytime as long as the product has not yet been shipped. You will receive a full refund.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@dygma.com.

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