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Split ergonomic keyboard

The Dygma Raise is a fully customizable split ergonomic keyboard designed to enhance performance, health, and comfort.

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Split ergonomic keyboard

"I love this keyboard. I bought it because I wanted a more comfortable typing experience and I haven't been dissapointed."


"It's truly a breath of fresh air for a tech product. Highly customizable, modular, and with an open-source software."


"I was skeptical at first, but this is endgame for me. I had no idea normal keyboards were hurting my shoulder."


Feel comfortable, be more productive

Boost your workflow

With the Dygma Raise, you can have any key at your fingertips, optimizing your workflow and improving your performance.

Thanks to its configurator software, it's fully programmable. It has 8 thumbkeys instead of a huge single spacebar.

Improve workflow with layers

Experience the comfort

The Dygma Raise puts your wrists, hands, and shoulders, preventing pain and injuries.

It has an ergonomic split design, palm rests and palm pads, a low tilted profile, and featured add-ons such as the tenting kit.

Ergonomic keyboard split

Customize your setup

Setup split keyboard
Setup split keyboard

Beautifully engineered

The Dygma Raise is a high-end keyboard.

It has a double-coated anodized aluminum body, PBT double-shot keycaps, and braided USB-C cables, guaranteeing maximum durability.

Ergonomic keyboard hand positioning

Fully-customizable RGB

Improve your productivity by highlighting specific keys.

The underglow of the Dygma Raise and the backlight of each key are fully customizable.

Not to mention that you'll be... too cool for school!

Customizable RGB Keyboard
Customizable RGB Keyboard

Completely hot-swappable

Enjoy the perfect typing experience, even if your taste and preferences change with time.

With a hot-swappable keyboard like the Dgyma Raise, you can easily change your switches.

Plus, we offer 8 different switches.

Hot-swappable keyboard
Make it your own

Choose between 7 languages,
6 mechanical switches,
and matte black or silver white.
Orders get FREE shipping,
new compact travel case,
and enhancement kit!
Starting at $319

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