Win a Dygma Raise

by dygma on November 29, 2017

Get your chance to win a FREE Raise Keyboard

After so many months of work, we are very excited to announce that we will launch our Kickstarter campaign on the 15th of December. To thank all of you that have been following our project, and to celebrate our upcoming launch we've prepared something special. From today to the day we launch we will be giving away 3 Dygma Raises! The winners of the giveaway will receive their Raises from the first manufacturing batch.  

How can you participate?

You just have to register in our contest below. The more entries you submit and share, the more chances to win you'll have :) Good luck! Dygma Raise Contest  
Make it your own

Choose between 7 languages,
6 mechanical switches,
and matte black or silver white.
Orders get FREE shipping,
new compact travel case,
and enhancement kit!
Starting at $319

Create Your Raise

FREE delivery available

2-YEAR Warranty

30-DAY return

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by Maurek thaxter some time ago

Wow. I’m subscribed here and never got an email about there being a give away for a chance to win a free one :( either way I still look forward to getting one super excited ????

by Matthias Märkle some time ago

I’m just a normal guy who loves gaming and chatting and therefore my wrists sometimes hurt really bad and i’d totally like to try your awesome looking keyboard to hopefully never feel this pain again :)

by João Melim some time ago

Im here to know who won the giveaway because theres no information that who won it

by Tyler C some time ago

Is there an estimate on the price of it in North America if available at all?

by derrick greenwood some time ago

i’m really looking forward to your product release iv’e been following you and it looks very nice i cant wait to get my hands on one one of these awesome keyboard’s

by Emre some time ago

This keyboard seems lovely! I’d love the chance to own one, thanks for letting us get a chance of winning one, I have one small question tho, what will the price for the keyboard be? It seems very good and quite interesting, so I will be guessing that it will be about 200 USD, I’m not really sure, can you please leave a reply? Thank you <3