The super NEW and IMPROVED Dygma Raise keyboards now available. Buy it now and receive it in 3-5 working days. ✈️ 📦

The super NEW and IMPROVED Dygma Raise keyboards now available. Buy it now and receive it in 3-5 working days. ✈️ 📦

Dygma Raise Mechanical Switch Options

by Deilor on December 30, 2017
This blog post is an extension of our Kickstarter explanation about switches. If you haven't done it yet, check our Kickstarter here.
Mechanical switches are a standard in gaming but there’s an issue, once you buy your keyboard you are stuck with them until you buy a new one. With Raise that’s not a problem any more. All our switches are hot-swappable, so you can easily pull them out and replace them with others whenever you want.

Choose your mechanical switches

There are many kinds of switches and brands. Probably the most popular one is Cherry MX with its blue, red, brown and lately speed and silent switches. This is understandable because until recently they were hands down the best switch manufacturer. In the last few years other companies have been catching up, to the point where they’ve started innovating - they produce a great socket that lets you hot swap the switches. One of these companies is Kaihua and they produce Kailh switches. They aren’t popular outside of Asia but are very well known there. In June we visited Kailh’s factory in Shenzhen and we were extremely impressed. Their testing facilities are top notch and they expose their switches to the most extreme conditions. That’s why we offer their switches by default.

Cherry MX Switches

Classic red, brown and blue switches

The classic Cherry MX red, brown and blue have actuate at 2mm, have a total travel of 4mm and a 50 million lifetime click rating.
  • Blue – Clicky – actuation force 60g
  • Red – Linear – actuation force 45g
  • Brown – Tactile – actuation force 45g

Kailh Speed switches

Normal switches actuate at 2mm and have a total travel of 4mm. Speed switches reduce both variables, allowing us to input faster.

Kailh Speed Switches: gold, silver, copper and bronze

Kailh Speed Switches specs:

50g actuation force, 3.5mm total travel with 70 million lifetime click rating:
  • Gold – Clicky – actuation at 1.4mm
  • Bronze – Clicky – actuation at 1.1mm
  • Silver – Linear – actuation at 1.1mm
  • Copper – Tactile – actuation at 1.1mm

Kailh Low Profile switches

Raise’s under-row uses lower switches so you can’t accidentally hit them when you press the spacebar. These lower switches are mechanical and are also made by Kailh.

Kailh low profile switches

Kailh Low Profile switches specs:

They have an actuation force of 50g, total travel of 3mm, actuation at 1.5mm with 70 million lifetime click rating. There are 3 different ones:
  • Red – Linear
  • Brown – Tactile
  • White – Clicky
Here you have a video showcasing some of the differences of between the switches we offer in our Kickstarter campaign. In the video I've only done the sound test without keycaps. With keycaps the sound is deeper and every time a keycap hits a switch housing it makes there's a "clack" noise. If you are one of our amazing backers or someone just looking to know more about switches, I hope this short guide was useful ????
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