From Shortcut to Dygma: how we found our brand name

In September 2016 I had a crazy idea about developing the best gaming keyboard but it didn't come from just anywhere. While coaching in Fnatic I coached several players with wrist injuries and met multiple more. This sparked the idea of creating a tool that would increase performance for pro gamers while not damaging their health.

At the beginning it was just a keyboard project but while developing the Shortcut it evolved into high performance peripherals project. At that point we realized that we couldn't call ourselves the name of our products and needed a brand name. The process has taken months but we've found a name that we're proud of, a name that represents our core values. Creating a paradigm shift Last winter Manel (our product manager) and I were talking about the goals and values of the project, about what we wanted to create. Even though the project was still evolving in our minds, we were clear about not being satisfied with the current gaming peripheral market solutions. We thought that big brands could be making better products but they're just "milking the cow". They focus on making money, slightly modifying existing products instead of innovating for the benefit of the users. Even though it's very difficult and risky, we wanted to shift the paradigm. We wanted to change people's approach to gaming products and change the market. We wanted to create peripherals that were designed to improve performance, health and comfort. The concept "Paradigma shift" stuck in our minds because it expresses really well what we want to accomplish. Soon we started calling ourselves the "Paradigma" team. Paradigma is the Spanish translation of paradigm. Paradigma becomes Dygma One of the issues with the product name Shortcut is that it's extremely hard to Google it. Even writing "Shortcut gaming keyboard" won't work because keyboard shortcuts are extremely common. This happened because when I named our first keyboard I wasn't thinking about the business implications, only in having a cool name that could explain in one word what the product could do. With the lesson learnt, we started looking for modifications of names based on the word Paradigma, the concept "paradigm shift" and a few other ideas. We researched the market to know what kind of names our competitors had and avoid being similar to them. From the get go we knew we wanted to be different from the rest of the brands of the peripheral gaming industry and our name was extremely important. We brainstormed over a hundred names and reduced the list to around 10 short names that could be easily pronounced in the most used languages. One of the names that came out from our brainstorm was "Dygma". It was one of our favourite options because it's only 5 letters, it represents our values and it was easy to read in the most common languages. Once we found the .com was available and there were barely any Google results it was clear for us that Dygma was our brand name.

During the next few weeks we will migrate our social media and rework our website so it's clear our brand is Dygma and Shortcut is one of our products.

Sorry if it's confusing for some time, we hope you end up loving it as much as we do.

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