Closed beta timeline

To be honest, announcing that we were selling prototypes was scary. It could have happened that there was no interest and we would have to rethink our whole project, but 130 people said that they would buy a V5!

Although we can’t be sure that we will accomplish it, this is the timeline we are aiming for:


  • Finish PCB Design and order 5 samples. Before doing the 50 prototypes run we need to make sure everything is correct.
  • Mechanical design and test. V5 will look something similar to this render. Top, bottom and wrist rest plates will be methacrylate, thumb cluster support and legs will be 3D printed and the wrist rest will be foam covered with some kind of soft material.

  • Order components. Switches, keycaps, cable, connectors, electronic components, screws, etc.
  • Setup forum. We’ve been considering all the feedback and we will try Discourse. We think it will be the best platform for the closed beta but we will be open to suggestions just in case it proves not to be a good option.


  • The 5 PCBs should have arrived. We will test them and if there are no big issues, order the 200 PCBs (100 thumb-boards and 100 for both hands).
  • Validate mechanical design. At this point our mechanical design should be finished and all our providers clear. We will not import mechanical components from China so once we know what we need we should receive everything in a few days.


  • Open forum to closed beta testers. Time to meet, start interacting with each other and testing if everything is working fine.
  • Assemble and ship the 50 units. This will be a tough challenge. We will need to create a mini factory assembly line and execute perfectly. We will keep you informed and send you pictures of the process!


  • Github ready. Everyone will have access to the firmware we will be using.
  • Documentation ready. All information needed to configure the layouts.
  • First units should arrive.


  • Rest of the units should arrive.

We have identified these potential delays in our plan:

  • Issues with the PCBs. We won’t order the PCBs to build the 50 units until we are sure that there are no errors. Testing, redesigning, ordering and receiving the PCBs takes around 1 week. Every time we need to repeat this process everything will be delayed one week.
  • Delayed components. Shouldn’t happen because we have plenty of time but this is one of the things that can escape our control.

We’ll do our best to stick to the timeline!

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