200% funded and some updates!

Hi again dear Raise lovers! We have reached 200% funding! WE DID IT!! And it’s thanks to you! After 26 days of campaign we’ve doubled the funds needed to manufacture Raise. During the campaign, each day has been an adventure full of hard work and obstacles to overcome, but seeing the result, both me and Dygma’s development team are extremely happy :D In this update:
  1. Data about this incredible community.
  2. Production and prototypes update.
  3. Stretch goal: Silver-white version for everyone!

1.- Community

When we started talking about the Dygma in social media, we barely had any followers, our message wasn’t clear and there was lots of confusion. Thanks to your feedback we learnt a lot and kept improving the way we explained why and how Raise is an awesome product. Today, Dygma has a community with over 10,000 followers among our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Thanks for pointing out our mistakes, giving us suggestions and listening. Without you we wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t have reached 200% funding. Thanks to the effort you have made sharing the project in your social media, something that undoubtedly has helped us meet our goal. If you love Raise and you want it to reach more people, please keep up sharing the project!

2.- Production and prototype updates

We continue working hard to meet the delivery deadlines we have set. By setting a demanding but realistic timeline, we have put enough pressure on us so that the project continues at a fast pace and you can enjoy your Dygma Raise in a short time. Black dygma Raise Our product manager Manel will travel to China in a few days to ensure that all the processes needed for manufacturing are being implemented. Do not doubt that we will tell you about his adventures and the updates about this process in the upcoming weeks. By March we will start the tooling and procurement process.

3.- Stretch goal: Silver-white version for everyone!

When we launched the Kickstarter we added the following stretch goal:
  • If we reach 187,500€ ($225,000) funding we will make a silver white Raise version.
That’s only 25% more! We are really close to making it happen... White Dygma Raise Please let your friends know about Dygma Raise project, and let’s reach the stretch goal! We are sure that they’ll love it and our backers will be really happy being able to choose the Silver-white option :D You’ve been with us since the beginning and thanks to your support Raise will soon be a commercial product. Thank you so much! To be sure that none of you will miss the early bird discount, we have launched 100 units with a 30% discount during this last week of the campaign.

Get your Dygma Raise with 30% discount, last two days available!

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